It’s Makeovers and Takeovers Season with BabbleBoxx

I am so excited to finally introduce you to BabbleBoxx.  This isn’t the typical subscription box that you can sign up for. It’s a curated box made specifically for me and my lifestyle so I can introduce it to my audience.  Everything in here is SO ME!  So mamas, if you are ready for Makeovers and Takeovers this season, save this post so you can check out these fabulous brands.

Today’s post is sponsored by all opinions and sass expressed are 100% my own.

Season of Makeovers and Takeovers - BabbleBoxx | Naturally Stellar

First Up! The BabbleBoxx Unboxing!


In all the years that I’ve been wearing contacts, I think I’ve only ordered mine online twice. Isn’t that crazy? I mean it’s 2018 and I’ve still been doing this the old-fashioned way instead of making it easier on myself. That’s why I’m so glad I came across Aveo.

Aveo is an affordable monthly subscription service where you can order your daily disposable contact lenses and have them shipped to you for free each month. They even give you 30 pairs free! All you do is use your existing prescription or you can get a new one online. It’s up to you.

BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar
These eyes have been through a lot of wins and losses this month and AVEO really came through when I needed.

These contacts are so comfortable and I love the convenience of the packaging. I can throw a few pairs in my purse in case of emergencies and they’ll be easy to throw in with my toiletries bag when I travel.

If you’re anything like me and are notorious for forgetting to remove or clean your lenses nightly, as you should, you may want to opt for some daily wear lenses.  With dailies, you can simply remove them at night and toss them. Then you just put on a fresh pair the next morning.

My future’s looking bright in these lenses! Everything is crystal clear and they fit so comfortably. I haven’t had any issues with dryness or shifting.  The moisture level stays on point throughout the day so no more excessive blinking for me. I definitely would order these again!

If you are interested in learning more about Aveo or trying out the service for yourself –> Click Here!

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Social events have been in full swing this month and I’ve been updating my wardrobe for fall & winter.  I’m always a little self-conscious about my waistline when trying on clothes, so shapewear is a must for me now. My biggest problem areas are my tummy and back.

This body briefer by Maidenform really helped to keep all of those areas in check so I felt confident rocking a bodycon dress 2 weekends ago, for a big beauty expo I was working. I felt secure but never uncomfortable or constricted.  The bra cups were soft and kept my girls pushed up where they belong lol.

BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar

When I wear this it makes me feel so gorgeous and sexy. I love how I can remove the straps and switch them up for whatever outfit I’m wearing too. 

I own quite a few Maidenform bras and shapewear because the quality is superb and they very comfortable and wide bra straps, something a lot of lingerie brands overlook when it comes to heavier busted women.  We need support!

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BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar

Summer’s Eve

Summer’s Eve products have their own special place in my bathroom.  They live on a pretty silver mirrored tray lol. For real!  I’ve been using these coconut water cleansing wipes for more than a year now.  They also come in other fresh fragrances, but I think I like this one best.

What I like about these is the little convenience pack size.  They’re small enough to carry around in a pocket.  No heavy perfumey smells at all. They keep me fresh when I’m away from home so I always have some in my purse.  Oh, and they’re easy to share.

I foresee a lot of skinny jeans & leggings in my fall future so I will be stocking up on more of these.  If you haven’t tried the cleansing cloths yet, I highly recommend that you grab a box or 2 on your next outing. Also with the holidays approaching, it would be a good idea to keep some on hand for your guests.

BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar

The Lavender + Chamomile cleansing wash is perfect for the shower but I’ve also used it for my baths.  It’s great for balancing out your ph level and made specifically for feminine care needs.   What I do when using in the shower is I wash with my favorite body wash & puff.  Before I get out, I use a soft washcloth and my Summer’s Eve cleansing wash for my vaginal areas.  It’s not good to use regular body washes for feminine hygiene because some can be very drying to those sensitive areas.

This is a really good wash and it leaves a gentle scent after you dry off.  I really like it. Here’s the full line up of Summer’s Eve products —> Click Here!


BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar

Earth Shoe Brands

There used to be a point in time where I would choose the latest trends over comfort. I would buy the most torturous high heels or ill-fitting clothing, all because I saw that it was on trend and I never wanted to be out of style.  Of course, that was back when I was young and foolish.

But nowadays, when I shop, I’m always looking to put my comfort first before even considering trends.  Trends come and go, but comfort and quality are the things that sustain a good wardrobe.

I’ve been rocking these Earth Shoes lately. It’s my first time trying out the brand and I am totally impressed with the look, feel and dope style of my new Zane shoes.  I chose to go with the Navy in this style because I wanted a nice fall pop of color and these provide that cute strip of burgundy suede along the top and back. So they pair perfectly with my skinny jeans, leggings and midi length dresses/skirts.

BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar

Not only are they super stylish but there is memory foam cushioning on the inside as well as a zippered closure for easy on and off wear when I’m in a rush. These are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in a while.

BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar

To find out more about Earth Shoes or to check out this dope pair that I’m wearing –> Zane – Navy

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BabbleBoxx Makeovers and Takeovers | Naturally Stellar

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    1. Just an FYI. These also come in Black and Platinum. The navy ones are my personal fav’s tho. Super comfortable. When you’re ready to buy, come back and use my link! 😉

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