8 Must Have Summer Essentials For Curvy Girls and Naturalistas

Today I’m sharing 8 of my must have Summer essentials.   If you are a curvy girl or a naturalista, there are plenty of things on this list that you’re gonna want to grab for your summer arsenal. Because by the looks of it, this weather isn’t budging any time soon. *press samples were received to help facilitate this post

Summer Essentials for Curvy Girls and Naturalistas | Naturally Stellar

I want to focus on those of us who may have the hardest time finding what we need, in the retail environment.

So let’s start with Swimsuits.  Because we all know how hard it is to find a great fitting and good quality swimsuit. It gets especially harder for those of us with curves or larger busts.

Summer Essentials ⋆ The Perfect Swim Suit

Upon first glance I fell in love with the look and style of this suit.  I haven’t worn a 2 piece in years so I knew that I wanted something high-waisted and with fuller coverage on my bust.

Summer Essentials for Curvy Girls and Naturalistas | Naturally Stellar

Summer Essentials for Curvy Girls and Naturalistas | Naturally Stellar

Athleta is bae!!  I love how I was able to quickly find items with my cup size.  I find that most retailers only go up to a certain cup size in stores, so I end up having to go online to search for what I need.  Separates are cool, but it’s no fun finding the bottoms you want with no tops to fit your body type.  It’s very frustrating.


Summer Essentials ⋆ Sandals

I love summer sandals. But for me comfort is key.  I need sandals that I can wear for hours and not feel like I’m walking in my bare feet.  Let me tell you, I get so many compliments on these! 

Summer Essentials for Curvy Girls and Naturalistas | Naturally Stellar
Sorel Torpeda Ankle Strap Sandals in Black. Comfy and functional for warm summer days.

The Sorel Torpeda ankle strap sandals are super comfortable. They’re great for board walks, city streets and the beach. So on those days where you’re looking for something a little casual, these work perfectly. I’ve worn them with shorts, jeans and maxi dresses this summer.  

Summer Essentials ⋆ Sunscreen

It’s very important that women of color get into the habit of wearing sunscreen to protect our skin.  Many of us grew up with the impression that sunscreen was only for caucasian women or women with the lightest skin tones, The reality is we all need it.  UV rays are still harmful to dark skin.  So, an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30+ is suitable for most skin tones.

Summer Essentials for Curvy Girls and Naturalistas | Naturally Stellar

What I love the most about this particular one is that I can use it on both me and my kids.  It was formulated just for that.

Summer Essentials ⋆ Summer Hair Care

This summer heat has been no joke.  With average temps reaching into the 90’s this summer, I’ve had to pay special attention to moisture retention and sun damage.

Even though I’ve been rocking crochet braids for most of the summer, I still have to stay on top of my maintenance routine.  This moisture mist has been perfect for keeping my braids underneath moist, nourished and soft. I also use this daily on my daughters super tight coils.  Just a few mists and a massage and she’s ready to go.

Summer Essentials for Curvy Girls and Naturalistas | Naturally Stellar
Renpure Coconut Water replenishing mist keeps your curls and kinks moisturized on dry hot summer days.

She loves it when I put her “pretty” in her hair.  That’s our little code name for getting our hair done 🙂

On wash days, deep conditioning is a MUST.   I like to stick to “dry” or “extra dry” formulas for my summer deep treatments. Even if my hair doesn’t feel dry to the touch, I treat it like it is.   My hair sucks up moisture and dries out easily, so thick deep conditioners with penetrating oils work best for me.

Summer Essentials for Curvy Girls and Naturalistas | Naturally Stellar
Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil deep treatment

Summer Essentials ⋆ Beach Bag or Killer Tote

Tote bags are so convenient.  Depending on the style, you won’t have to worry about zippers or compartments. You just throw in whatever you need for the day and get going.  In case you missed it last week, I showcased this beautiful tote by prAna that I’ve been rocking lately.  It’s large enough to basically throw everything in there.  It looks great paired with dresses or jeans.  I even use it to carry around my DSLR camera when I’m out and about with my family.

I Got Distracted By prAna And Did A Bedroom Fashion Show | Naturally Stellar
The Cali Maxi and Sunlit Coral Riviera Slouch Tote go perfectly together!

Summer Essentials ⋆ Sunglasses

This summer is all about mirrored sunglasses.  I found these on sale this summer at Nordstrom for $14. They’re super stylish and I love the gray mirrored lenses. Unfortunately, my favorite pair of sunglasses broke. What happened was, the other day, I was playing around and wrestling with my son, not realizing I had them tucked into the collar of my shirt. Next thing I knew I heard a “snap!!”. 

I hope they have some more left because I sure loved these. 

Summer Essentials for Curvy Girls and Naturalistas | Naturally Stellar

Summer Essentials ⋆ Skincare

One thing I cannot live without in the summer time is a good body scrub. I prefer to use scrubs with larger sized granules for my feet. But for my body I really need something that will leave me smooth and moisturized without damaging my skin.

Treets Traditions has nice variety of bath collections, including the Energizing Secrets products shown below.  I use every item shown. The hand soap & hand lotion have been a great addition to my vanity. They come in a nice holder that helps your products to stay looking neat on your countertop.  I love the smell of the hand wash & lotion. I don’t normally use hand lotion after washing my hands, around the house. But it’s nice to have a set and be able to keep that fragrance going long after I leave the sink.  

Treets Traditions Energizing Secrets Collection

I use the bath scrub regularly and LOVE it.  I would rate this as a premium scrub due to the quality of the oils.  This scrub has kept my legs and under arm area looking great all summer long.

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