7 Ways Tech Has Improved the Hiring Process

Technology has improved our way of life in many ways: from modern medicine and airplane travel to HD camera phones and workout trackers, modern tech has some pretty amazing advantages. In addition to these changes that make life easier and more enjoyable, tech has also made things in the business world much more efficient. 

Here are 7 ways that tech improves the hiring process | Naturally Stellar

7 Ways Tech Has Improved the Hiring Process

One area we’re going to focus on today is hiring. The hiring process is often one of the greatest challenges that businesses face. However, modern tech has made it easier than ever to find the perfect candidate to fill your vacancy. 

Let’s dive right into the 7 ways that tech has improved the hiring process. 

Online networking expands your professional network

One of the most obvious ways that tech has improved the hiring process is by making it easier than ever to connect with professionals in your industry. If you’re a job seeker looking for that perfect inroad into a company that you’re curious about, finding a professional online is a great way to get started making connections.

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And, for professionals looking to hire on extra help, online networking makes it fast and simple to connect with excited professionals hoping to break into the industry. 

Web recruiting boosts your applicant pool

Recruiting used to be exclusive to job fairs and company recruitment events. And, while those events still have a major part to play in the hiring ecosystem, web recruiting expands the horizons by allowing applicants from practically anywhere to connect with potential employers. 

As a hiring manager, this is great news. Now, it doesn’t matter if the perfect employee is from Cincinnati or Calcutta, you can recruit them online with ease. 

Online applications make it easier than ever to apply

Applicants hunting for jobs also benefit from the growing internet-based hiring world. While, in the past, mailing your resume to an employer often took weeks to process, online applications make it fast and simple to submit your qualifications and hear back promptly. 

  • Pro tip: This is also great news for small businesses looking to hire, as tools that help filter out applications by experience and education are now widely available. 

In-depth background checks keep small businesses safe

Background checks used to be time-consuming and expensive, and often not worth it for most smaller businesses just looking to fill a vacancy. Tech has changed that. Background checks are more affordable and effective than ever.

What shows up on a background check can now be a direct help to hiring managers and small business owners hoping to make a decision on a potential hire. 

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Marketing tools make your brand more appealing to applicants

Marketing is a great tool for businesses looking to expand their client or customer base, but it’s also an amazing way to attract more high-quality, high-skill applicants to your company. Here’s how:

  • High-skill applicants are pickier and only apply to companies that suit their lifestyle.
  • Marketing can help you communicate your unique message to applicants, showcasing how important the work your company does is.
  • Marketing can also help you get the word out that your company is expanding and looking for new hires.

The right marketing software can make a world of difference when ensuring that your message arrives to the people it needs to. 

Formal recommendation systems keep things fair

In the past, recommendations usually traveled by word of mouth. The classic, “Hey, I know a great kid looking for a job.” And, while that certainly still exists as a feature of the hiring world, there are now great programs that help to make recommending new employees more equitable and fairer.

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By using online recommendation software, you can ensure that your company has a system in place for handling employee recommendations, rather than simply trusting by word of mouth. 

Automated HR keeps your employees happier

Lastly, HR has joined the race for automation, with many features – like pay raises, logging complaints, and opting into healthcare coverage – moving from functions performed by an HR professional to completely automated. 

This not only makes things cheaper for businesses, it also benefits employees who would rather handle HR concerns from the safety of their computers, rather than confronting an HR professional face to face. 

How will tech continue to improve hiring in the future? It’s hard to say, but one thing is certain: tech will continue to change the hiring landscape for decades to come. 


In what innovative ways are you using tech in your business?

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