6 Simple and Sweet Gifts Just Because

Though it is lovely to receive gifts on special occasions, getting a gift out of the blue feels extra meaningful! But giving someone a “just because” gift doesn’t mean it requires you to spend a fortune or that it must be an elaborate, planned out, jaw-dropping moment. It can be something simple that tells your significant other or whoever the recipient may be, that you were thinking about them. What are some gifts that fit this category, though? We have a few ideas! 

6 Simple and Sweet Gifts Just Because | Naturally Stellar

6 Simple and Sweet Gifts Just Because

Ice Cream

If you already have a plan for dinner, a simple and sweet addition to that would be to pick up some ice cream from your local ice cream shop for dessert. That way you can enjoy it after dinner! It isn’t a big gift, but it is something that says, “I was thinking about you today’s and wanted to get us a treat to enjoy together!” It’s a small gesture, but one that will be memorable and well-received (and tasty, too). 

Flower delivery

Instead of going all the way to your local florist or grocery store to get your loved one flowers, go to FTD’s website to order flowers online, and let them do all the difficult work for you. All you have to do is pick what you want, and they will take care of the rest. You can have the beautiful arrangements delivered to their office for a surprise, or to your home to have them waiting for them. Either way, ordering flowers is a simple and sweet idea that is guaranteed to please! 

6 Simple and Sweet Gifts Just Because | Naturally Stellar

Sweet Treats

We know we mentioned picking up ice cream, but what can you do for a loved one that might be far away from you at the moment? Ordering a sweet, gluten-free treat to have delivered to them, will let them know you’re thinking of them and make them feel cared for, no matter the distance! Dana’s Bakery has all gluten-free and kosher macarons and their flavors are endless. This is a high-quality gift, that is affordable and memorable all at the same time! 

Gift Cards

We know this one sounds thoughtless, but you really can’t go wrong with a surprise gift card. They can be for anything. Food, gas, a new outfit, even. Or you can just go for a money gift card so they can get whatever their heart desires, but on your dime! Gift cards are one of the most simple gifts you can get, but one that still packs a big, memorable punch! You have to do minimal work and they’re guaranteed to love it—it’s a win-win. 

Fitness subscription

If your person is trying to get back into a solid fitness routine, a super thoughtful gift to get them is a workout subscription. Obé fitness has so many on-demand fitness classes, they will be sure to find something they love with this subscription. They will not only feel spoiled, they will feel supported thanks to the health benefits they will reap by working out.

Notebook and pen set

With the start of the new year comes writing about new goals, wanting to stay on track, and creating new and useful habits. In order for someone to do those things successfully, they will need a place to gather all their thoughts. Getting them a new notebook and pen set will help them take that step toward greatness! And every time they write in their new notebook or with their new pen they will be reminded of the love you have for them. With this one, you just can’t go wrong! 

6 Simple and Sweet Gifts Just Because | Naturally Stellar

Remember, not all gifts have to be planned and elaborate. As long as there is thoughtful intent behind surprising them with a gift, they will be appreciative and you will have made them feel as special as they truly are! Happy gifting! 



What’s your favorite simple gift to receive?

6 Simple and Sweet Gifts Just Because6 Simple and Sweet Gifts Just Because

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