5 Household Items You Need

This year we have spent extended amounts of time at home, more time in the kitchen trying out new recipes, or maybe out in the backyard to get some fresh air. But we have definitely all spent more time at home than we had anticipated for the year, meaning we now know what items our households are truly lacking from.

5 Household Items You Need | Naturally Stellar

5 Household Items You Need

So, since we will still be spending quite some time still at home, now is the time to get a few new household items to make sure our spaces are complete. (If you need gift ideas for you SAHM friends, these will work great for them too!) Alright, have your lists at the ready, here we go!

5 Household Items You Need | Naturally Stellar

Coffee Grinder

Spending lots of time at home has probably forced you into trying to make your own coffee masterpieces. You have seemingly become a barista right before your own eyes. Part of being a barista though is having freshly ground beans in order to create a coffeeshop worthy cup of joe.

If you haven’t reached that point of perfection yet, the time is now and OXO’s coffee grinder has your name written all over it. The grinder has 15 different settings to be able to get the perfect consistency of grounds. Whether you are partial to espresso or French Press, it can conquer all!

This BPA-free, stainless steel grinder has the OXO Guarantee, which means if you aren’t satisfied, you will get your money back. But, not to worry. We have a feeling you will be using this for many years to come.

 Ice Maker

If you have found that your fridge ice maker just can’t keep up with your ice needs, or you are tired of buying bags of ice for your drinks, it is time to invest in an ice maker. And why not buy from a brand you trust with keeping things cold.

Igloo doesn’t only make some of the best coolers out there, they also make countertop ice makers! You can make ice and then store it in your freezer to build up a backstock. You will never run out of ice again!

Wall Calendar

Don’t make the mistake of having a drab calendar hanging on your wall! Get a customizable wall calendar from Shutterfly! It will help you keep your life on track and will decorate your walls at the same time.

You can pick your own pictures to use in the calendar and pick a layout, too. The calendar can hold all your previous years’ photos, all while helping you document the new memories you will make in the coming year.

It is also a great way to keep track of birthdays, major life events, and just what day it is in general, because we know recently it has been easy to lose track of time!

5 Household Items You Need | Naturally Stellar

Phone Charging Lamp

If one of the things you are hoping for in the New Year is to stay more organized, then this one’s for you! You can cut down on cord clutter and get a lamp with a wireless charger for your phone to charge overnight on your nightstand.

It takes away the need for additional wires, and will give your bedside a relaxed, minimal, clean feeling all while having multiple functions. This is a great addition to any household and is a timeless piece that will last you well into your next phone update.

Watering Can for Plants

Since you have so many house plants, it is time to upgrade to watering them properly with a watering can instead of that old water bottle or giant cup from the Vegas strip. By having a designated watering can, it will free up those other watering items you used to use to be donated or recycled.

Try your best to get a can that fits your house, that way you will have no problems displaying it out in the open.

Each household is unique in what they really need. Don’t be afraid to stray from this list, or add to it as necessary! I hope you continue to make your house the home that you feel comfortable and happy in!


What are your must-have household items?

5 Household Items You Need5 Household Items You Need5 Household Items You Need

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