5 Clean Beauty Brands Worth Giving A Try

Over the past couple of months I’ve been exposed to a LOT of new clean beauty brands. I’ve been spending lots of time researching exactly what clean beauty is all about, experimenting with products and testing their performance. *At no cost to you, I receive a small commission if you make a purchase through the links in this post.

5 Clean Beauty Brands Worth Giving A Try | Naturally Stellar

The beauty industry is one that doesn’t have a lot of regulations. This is why clean beauty has become so popular. People want to know what’s inside their favorite products and how those ingredients could potentially affect their health and well being.

I’m people.

First Of All, What Is Clean Beauty?

Basically, clean beauty products are made without potentially toxic ingredients. So you won’t find things like parabens, sulfates, BPA, PEG’s, certain silicones, EDTA and countless others in them. The products must be safe, non-toxic and everything in them must be included on the label.

To be labeled as clean beauty, the brands have to adhere to very strict standards. The products don’t have to be all-natural. But their safety grade has to be an A, B or C to be considered clean.

Clean beauty differs from green, organic and natural products in that these 3 types don’t necessarily mean they are non-toxic. Also clean beauty doesn’t have to be organic, natural or green.

5 Clean Beauty Brands Worth Trying


Alba Botanica is an earth friendly, 100% Vegetarian beauty brand with a wide variety of skincare products for face, hair, body and suncare. 

I have moderately sensitive skin on both my face and upper body. Because I’m a peach fuzzy woman,  I tend to break out easily from certain fragrances or oils due to sebum plugs. 

Alba Hawaiian Passionfruit Body Wash | Naturally Stellar

All this means is that my hairy self can’t use a lot of fancy products on my upper body.  I have to keep my pores clean and exfoliate my skin often to reduce acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation. 

Alba Botanica is my new bodycare . I’m loving how beautiful my skin has become since I started using their Hawaiian Passionfruit Body Wash, over the past few months. My back and shoulders are smoother and dark marks are fading. 

Pretty soon I’ll be able to rock my off the shoulder tops without feeling self-conscious about my skin. 


BREAD is a brand that is simplifying wash day for hair types 3a – 4c. The collection is small but packs a big punch! I’ve been using their entire collection for a couple of months and am loving how simple and quick my wash day routine has become.

Bread beauty supply hair wash | Naturally Stellar

The shampoo is super creamy and moisturizing. My hair comes out clean but not stripped. Oh, and the fragrance of this smells just like angel cake batter!

Bread beauty supply hair mask | Naturally Stellar

The deep conditioner mask is thick, buttery, and smells divine! Similar to the shampoo, this one takes on the smell of cupcakes and it leaves your hair smelling wonderful as well as moisturized.

What I like the most about the combination of these 2 products is that my hair feels super light after washing but fully moisturized and shiny.

BREAD beauty supply collection | Naturally Stellar

The oil can be used on wet or dry hair but I like to use it to seal my ends after my leave-in.


One of the most common issues I’ve been hearing about from busy moms and freelancers lately is having a lack of energy. Many of us are juggling multiple responsibilities during the day when we need our energy the most. 

One of my favorite clean beauty discoveries has been Gummiology. I found their products on iHerb.com and have been LOVING their Strawberry B-Complex gummies.  I take 2 gummies in the morning right before breakfast and these things really have me running all day!

One day I was doing so much that I seriously had to take a pause just to be sure that I wasn’t imagining how good I was feeling. I haven’t felt this way in years! I actually forgot what it was like to have energy from the time I got up until it was time to wind down for the night.  

Gummilogy Strawberry B-Complex Gummies are so tasty and effective! | Naturally Stellar
Gummiology B-Complex Gummies – Take 2 Daily

If you’ve been feeling like this at all, I highly recommend that you grab some B-12 or these gummies. Oh, and I forgot to mention, they’re vegetarian friendly!


Emerge is another clean beauty brand that I discovered on a recent trip to Target.  I’ve seen the products on the shelves numerous times but I decided to actually pick up the items and read the ingredients this time. Then I bought some of the products to try on my wash day. 

Emerge Hair Care - Clean Beauty - Naturally Stellar

I highly recommend the My Everything Butter Cream, especially if you have low porosity hair.  This styling butter keeps my hair moist & bouncy without a greasy feel.  I’ve had some great twist outs with this too! 

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My Mane BFF Leave-In is another great product to try.  It’s perfect for the LOC Method and for us curly/coily/kinky girls that need a little more moisture in our lives. 

All of the EMERGE products are priced at $6.99 so not only are they GOOD but also super affordable!

3 Graces Beauty

This gorgeous lip gloss color and these plump lips you see in my photo is courtesy of 3 Graces Beauty’s clean gloss and radiant lip scrub.

All products by 3 Graces Beauty are cruelty-free and free from parabens, sulfates, fragrances, phthalates and synthetics.  Use code BOGOLIPSBuy one lip product you get another one FREE

Three Graces Beauty - Clean Beauty brand - Naturally Stellar


In the coming months, I’ll be sharing a LOT more clean beauty options for you to consider.  I hope you found something new in this batch that caught your attention. Any questions or comments? Drop them in the comment section!


Do you pay attention to labels when buying beauty or wellness products?

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