5 Accessories to Include in Your Autumn Wardrobe

Fall is a glorious time with crisp, cool weather and beautiful trees exploding with color.  It’s many people’s favorite time of year for a reason. So, it’s time to decorate your house with all things fall. It’s also a great time to get your wardrobe ready to transition to the colder months.  

When we think fall, we think rich, warm colors like browns, oranges, wines, and reds.  Get inspired and infuse these colors into what you wear.

Here are some great accessories you can show off this fall:

5 Accessories To Add To Your Fall Wardrobe

5 Accessories To Include In Your Fall Wardrobe | Naturally Stellar


Bags have always been a statement piece that can pull your look together.  This year is no different. Bags are still trendy and very much necessary in 2018.  Styles may change, but a bag’s functionality does not.  

Crossbody, satchel, handbag, tote, backpack, or messenger bag; they all have a purpose and great style.  Go with the style that reflects your personality and lifestyle best. For fall, we like the tans, browns, and wines in any style of bag. Stick with a neutral warm color to ensure it’ll go with any outfit.

Oh, and if being hands-free is your thing, we are seeing some new purse fashions on the runway.  Belt bags (think fanny pack, but fancier) are gaining popularity for when you only need to carry a few things and want to be unencumbered.  I love the idea of being hands-free when I’m out shopping or at an event.


Fall is my favorite shoe season.  I love loafers and booties and flats – so many cute ways to keep your feet warm and comfy.  These wine flats are adorable and perfect for fall.  They go with everything from your favorite pair of jeans to a more formal pencil skirt or black dress for work.  

What’s more versatile than that?

For colder days, boots (high or ankle) are a must.  This is another style of shoe that goes with everything.  If your budget allows, buy one casual pair and one dressier pair to cover all your bases.


It’s time to pack away the bikinis, shorts, and other garments that are staples of summer style. Why? Because it’s scarf time!

Scarves are arguably the most popular fall accessory.  What better way to add warmth and style to your wardrobe?  Pair a scarf with a cute fall print dress. They can be worn dozens of ways and add so much to your outfit.  Wearing them around your neck is the most common way, but you can also experiment with using them as head wraps, headbands, or tied on to your bag as a cute little embellishment.  Just beware of scarf addiction. It’s a real thing. Layers upon layers of scarves and cozy sweaters are the perfect fashion answer to fall’s finicky temperature changes.

5 Accessories To Include In Your Autumn Wardrobe | Naturally Stellar


Just because summer is over doesn’t mean it’s time to put the sunglasses away.  No way! Our eyes need year-round sun protection.  The sun is out every day, even if it’s cloudy. So, if you’re outside during the day, sunglasses should be on your face.  

This season, big sunglasses are back which take inspiration from 50’s era of Hollywood glam days. It’s not all about what’s hot this minute though.  Sunglasses are timeless and you are free to wear whatever style you like best.

Modern, classic, retro, large, or small – you have a lot of options.  Choose a quality pair that’ll hopefully last a couple of years, especially if they are prescription.

Jewelry and watches  

Watches are a great accessory, which is why I included them in the jewelry category.  I love pieces that combine style and function. Your watch can make a real statement, so choose one that matches your style.  

It’s always smart to have more than one, so you can change them out to match your outfit of the day.  As for jewelry, gold tones and leaves are hot for this fall. You’ll find earrings and necklaces galore with leaf motifs, which is completely appropriate for fall.  

Rose gold is still very popular and you’ll find lots of jewelry in this tone as well as traditional gold.  Big, chunky pieces are also trending this year. Feel free to experiment with wearing large jewelry, just maybe not all at once – that would be overkill.

With these tips, you’ll confidently walk into fall with great style – no pumpkin patch stands a chance against you.


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