Have A Ball Making Churros At Home

I seriously miss going to fairs and theme parks. I miss being able to breathe freely without a mask. I miss the fun and especially the fried dough and churros. But I’ve discovered how to get that same theme park fix, making churros at home.  *At no cost to you, I receive a small commission if you make a purchase through the links in this post.

Churro making kits - get that theme park fix right from home | Naturally Stellar

Making Churros At Home

I came across these really cool take & bake churro kits that include everything you need for perfect churros every time. So, me and the kids have been enjoying making batches of them. Yum! 

Have fun making churros at home with San Diablo take and bake kits | Naturally Stellar

So, if you’ve been craving churros but really don’t feel like searching restaurants to find out who has them on the menu or leaving home to pick them up, you can keep a supply of these kits in your freezer for those snack fixes. 

What I like the most about these is that everything comes carefully sealed, packed and kept icy cold.  So all we really needed to do is bake, fill and sprinkle them with sugar. The directions were super easy and they only take about 10 minutes to bake.

Have fun making churros at home with San Diablo take and bake kits - Nutella topping | Naturally Stellar

You get pre-made churros, cinnamon sugar and a filling of your choice. 

Love churros? Check these out!

San Diablo Take & Bake Churro Kits

San Diablo Churros, which is based in Utah and ships nationwide, offers a selection of churro making kits (both take & bake and DIY kits), fresh fry-it-yourself churro dough, cinnamon sugars, fillings, churro makers and gift cards.

The Take & Bake kits come frozen and are already pre-made. The DIY kits cost a bit more and come with fresh dough, a churro maker, cinnamon sugar and a filling of your choice. 

Have fun making churros at home with San Diablo take and bake kits | Naturally Stellar

San Diablo sells 4 versions of their cinnamon sugar topping in 2 oz. bottles for $3.99. You can use it to sprinkle on any of your favorite baked goods including over warm buttered toast, which is one of my daughter’s favorite ways to enjoy it.  Here’s a breakdown of the flavors

  • Classic – just plain fresh ground cinnamon and sugar
  • Diablo – this one is sweet and spicy with added cayenne pepper
  • Inferno – is a mix of the classic with habanero pepper
  • La Muerte –  costs a bit more ($6.99) and brings the heat with added ghost pepper.

Fillings are $5.99 – $7.99 and come in 5 flavors

  • Nutella
  • Dulce de leche
  • Sweet cream
  • Raspberry (Gluten-free, Vegan)
  • Limited Edition: Pineapple Paradise

You should check these out and let me know what you think about them.  We can’t get enough of these! 

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For more information about San Diablo, visit them on online at:

San Diablo Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter



Are you a churro fan?  Think you might like to try these?


Have A Ball Making Churros At Home
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