Whew It’s Steamy This Summer! STEAM Ideas For Kids

We gotta keep these kids busy and engaged this summer right? Well, I have a few STEAM ideas that may help you accomplish that.  Here’s some of what I’ve been introducing my kids to in the hopes it’ll keep them challenged, creative, and occupied.  

STEAM toys and games to keep kids busy this summer

Hot STEAM Ideas For Summer

Of course, most of us parents know that STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. But what some of us may not know is that there are SO MANY things that can fall into these categories when it comes to our kids’ activities and play. Even something as simple as a family card game can be STEAM-related.     

So, if you’re looking to increase the amount of time your kids spend on learning & creative play, check out these awesome STEAM ideas!

STEAM Toys to fill the summer days
STEAM activities and games for kids. – Naturally Stellar

Magformers Play Sets

When I opened this box of Magformers my daughter said, “I had these at school in Pre-K!” She was so excited to start building the designs inside the instruction booklet. 

Her dad and I noticed that she plays with these almost daily and has already asked for additional sets so she can build some of the larger designs.  So this has been the perfect STEAM idea for us!

This starter set retails for $24.99

Magformers play sets are a great STEAM toy for preschool to school aged kids
Magformers 14 Piece Starter Set – STEAM ideas. Naturally Stellar


Magformers play sets for STEAM summer fun

Creatto Light Up Crafting Kits

These Creatto light up crafting kits are perfect for ages 6 to adult.  The projects involve a lot of analytical skills and patience to complete the activities. While they may be slightly challenging, they really are a lot of fun.

This particular set came with an LED light strip to decorate the elephant and light up the night in your kid’s room or wherever they want to take it. 

Creatto Light Up Crafting Kits. STEAM activities for kids. - Naturally Stellar

Each kit can be assembled in multiple ways so you get a lot of use out of each box. 

My son really enjoyed working on this light-up elephant project.  The only drawback is that these don’t come with batteries for the lighting kits.  So, you’ll have to buy them separately. 

Fully assembled, this finished project stands about 10.5″ tall and lights up via an LED light strip housed on the inside of the craft. You can string the lights however you choose. 

These retail around $9.95

Creatto Light Up Crafting Kits Make STEAM play fun
Creatto Light Up Crafting Kits For Kids – Naturally Stellar

Bicycle Cards

Wow, these cards from Bicycle bring back so many memories.  From my childhood family Tonk matches to playing Knuckles and Spades at lunch, in my high school’s cafeteria. Bicycle cards have been the standard and staple of Black households for card games. 

Bicycle Card Sets range in price from $3.99 on up

Summer STEAM should include Bicycle card decks. Naturally Stellar
Bicycle Card Decks. – Naturally Stellar

I hope you found something new to try out, in this post. Or, maybe something that brought back a bit of nostalgia for you.  I know we’re gonna put these Bicycle cards to WORK this summer. So, come on Hubby, I’m ready to spank you at TONK!



Are you engaging your family in STEAM activities this summer?

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