My Small Apartment Balcony Makeover

It’s been long overdue! Today, I’m finally revealing my newest apartment balcony makeover. With so much time spent at home these days, I needed an updated space that is both relaxing and functional. My own little outdoor escape. *This post is sponsored by Wayfair, all personality and opinions are 100% my own. 


I’m not sure if you may remember but I created this post last year about wanting to refresh my apartment balcony space.  It was shortly after my kids and I had a disastrous patio garden fail. Well, It wasn’t a total disaster. We did get some tomatoes out of it all lol. 

But anyway, with the help of Wayfair, I created a cool mood board with some of my favorite items that I wished to include in my space.

So much has gone on in the past year that I never got around to actually updating our balcony until now.

Life got in the way. Plus, our building was under renovation for a short while, so our space received a fresh new color (gunmetal blue).  Fast forward to now, and I’m finally giving my balcony the refresh that it deserves.

Gorgeous apartment balcony makeover sponsored by Wayfair

My shopping started in the OUTDOOR section at Wayfair. 

My apartment balcony makeover!

My balcony space is rectangular with wood decked floors and shingled walls.  Along the walls are tall double doors on the left and a nice sized window on the right.  So I decided to separate the porch into 2 areas.   

The perfect balcony reading spot

One area seats 1 with a nice side table perfect for drinks or snacks.   This could be used as my solo reading spot.

Outdoor faux banana plant is perfect for my balcony

The next area can seat 3 comfortably with a table for serving food and drinks or for resting my laptop. It also becomes a nice romantic nook at night. 

Dark rattan conversation patio set by wayfair
Kari 4 Piece Rattan Sofa Seating Group and Kailani Indoor/Outdoor area rug – Wayfair

Patio Paradise Begins With A New Conversation Set

I took my time choosing the perfect 4-piece deep brown patio set for my space.  The Kari 4 piece rattan set comes with 2 padded chairs, a padded loveseat, and a nice glass top table. The set sits at normal dining height and the backs of the chairs are tall enough for large 18×18 throw pillows or cushion backs.

I love the table because it’s just the right size for my serving trays and drink dispensers. 

Outdoor serving tray for balcony treats
This glass top table is the perfect size for a small serving tray and drink pitcher.


Plant Life and Cool Decor

I’ve been shopping with Wayfair for years and had no idea that you can actually shop for live plants on their website! Once I discovered this, I had to get some new plant babies for both indoors and out.

I decided on this gorgeous tall snake plant to add to my outdoor space. 

Snake plants make great balcony decor

This lantern is one of my favorite decor pieces outdoors. Because it’s wood, you have to use LED candles instead of real candles.  But it’s actually a pretty great idea, especially with all of the storms and power outages we’ve been having in the South lately.   This will come in handy when we want to sit outside during an outage. 

I opted to go with a nice indoor/outdoor rug that I can transition to the front porch when I’m ready to decorate for fall. I think the colors really bring this whole space together. 

Tall wooden lantern as balcony decor
This woven wooden lantern works best with LED lights or LED Candles.

Beautiful outdoor throw pillows for balcony decor

Next, I added a nice pop of color with this textured throw pillow. It’s so vibrant and fluffy! Now, I’m on the hunt for a comfy orange or teal ottoman/floor pillow to match. 

Night Time Is The Right Time

This spot just wouldn’t be complete without some string lights to light up the night! I opted for small clear globes and used simple cup hooks to attach my lights to the pillars and wall border.  They were very easy to install and my lights just clamp onto the cup hooks.  

Balcony lights at night
String lights give this space a soft warm glow at night. Perfect for entertaining.

I absolutely LOVE sitting outside now! This spot feels so chill and inviting.  I can sit out here with my laptop and write or sip some wine while watching my Korean dramas.  

It also can be kind of romantic at night to sit out here under the lights with the Hubbs.  

I don’t care how big or small your outdoor area is. Let’s get outside and enjoy our spaces and take in some much-needed vitamin D (sunlight)!

Well Stars, hopefully, this post has inspired you to create your own little getaway. Let me know what you think about my balcony (drop a comment!) and be sure to check out Wayfair for your next redecorating project. 


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This bare balcony was transformed into a gorgeous entertaining spot

Wayfair items featured in this post

  1. Kari 4 Piece Rattan Patio Set
  2. Beedeville Geometric Lumbar Pillow Cover Set
  3. Woven Tall Wooden Lantern
  4. Kailani Navy/Green Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug
  5. Costa Farms 33″ Live Snake Plant in Basket

I love being a Wayfair Homemaker! If you’ve missed any of my other decorating posts be sure to check them out.


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How do you like my new balcony? 

Have you recently updated your outdoor space?

  1. Looks great! What a transformation. Off to Wayfair to check out the plants!!! (Did not know they sell plants)

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