The Lion King hits theaters July 19th and we are ready! Disney has been making major moves with its iconic classics lately. I’m 100% here for Black Ariel, a real live Asian Mulan, and the diverse cast of 2019’s The Lion King. 


Disney's The Lion King Movie - Simba Cub | Naturally Stellar

Actors Should Be Heard Not Seen. So They Say

As with any remake, there will always be background noise. The Lion King was no exception. I’ve seen a lot of discussion on social media about the movie. Most of it has been positive but I have seen quite a few complaints about the way the movie is being marketed and promoted. 

Donald Glover as Simba | Naturally Stellar

Donald Glover plays Simba in 2019’s The Lion King

Some people seem to take issue with the visuals promoting the voice actors behind the famous Disney characters. The argument is that they feel it takes away some of the magic from the characters when the focus is placed on who the famous actors are.  Kids just want to see and learn about the characters of the movie. They could care less that Donald Glover is playing Simba. 

Well, that’s what some believe. I disagree.

Disneys The Lion King Poster

When I first saw the original Lion King movie back in the ’90s, I was a teen that actually wanted to learn more about the voice actors. I wanted to know who they were because I enjoyed their performances so much.   Of course, I already knew who was playing Mufasa. And that Madge Sinclair (a.k.a. Queen Aoleon from Coming To America) was Sarabi.

I mean come on! Robert Guillaume as Rafiki and Nathan Lane as Timon. Nobody could deny those voices. 

Me learning about who played my favorite characters didn’t take away from the magic of the movie. It actually enhanced it. 

Disney's The Lion King Movie - Scar and Hyenas | Naturally Stellar

Why I’m Excited About Seeing The Lion King

I’m looking forward to seeing the new movie with my kids. I want them to have a fresh take on the movie that I grew up with. Plus, going together as a family is always a big deal for them and we like to make the experience fun.

Disney's The Lion King Movie - Little Simba Cub | Naturally Stellar

I can’t wait to see their reactions and hear what they have to say about it after the credits roll.  Yeah, we’re THAT family that likes to hang around in the theater until the end of the final credits. 

Check out the new trailer and leave a comment on this post!

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Are you excited about seeing the new Lion King?

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