My Vision And Mood For A Fabulous Summer Balcony

Today’s post is all about turning an uninspiring space in your home into the space of your dreams. Let’s talk about my vision for a fabulous & comfy Summer balcony. 

My Vision And Mood For A Fabulous Summer Balcony | Naturally Stellar


A Balcony That Doesn’t Inspire

My balcony is one of those areas of our apartment that I have a love/hate relationship with. So far, I just haven’t seemed to get it right. I constantly want to change the furniture and decor because I feel like I’m always having to choose between comfort/looks and practicality (’cause…kids).

One of the things I like the most about our balcony is the shape and size of it.   It’s large enough to be able to configure a nice outdoor space but small enough to still feel like a little hideaway. 

Summer Balcony Garden Fail and Lessons Learned | Naturally Stellar

Last summer I decorated it lightly with just a few festival chairs, a fold-out table, rug, and some potted plants.  We even started a little vegetable garden on our balconyBut lately, whenever I look at my balcony it just feels blah. 

It doesn’t make me feel happy or relaxed at all.  It’s very uninspiring.  So the chairs are all put away and we’ve been using it as a place to store a few things. It’s basically a no man’s land for another couple of weeks until our building gets repainted to a soft blue by our apartment management. 

My Vision And Mood For A Fabulous Summer Balcony - The Uninspiring Before Picture | Naturally Stellar

My vision is to turn this balcony into a space that’s comfortable, inspiring and functional for entertaining.  A place where I can sit and write or read. Also, somewhere to chill and have a drink in the evenings or just relax with the Hubbs.

My Dream Summer Balcony Mood Board

I know I’m not the only one that struggles with coming up with a vision for the spaces in our homes.

I find that using vision boards or mood boards is a great way to put together all of my ideas in one place so I can visualize the goal. So I thought it would be cool to pick out some of my favorite pieces from my home decor bestie, Wayfair today.  This is my vision for the perfect summer balcony.

Our back balcony space is about 12ft. x 5 and then we have a little 5 x 7 space in the front. So, while I had a lot of fun “window shopping” for the perfect items for my dream balcony I also kept some things in mind that can double as pieces for our front porch. 
Looking at this mood board makes me look forward to entertaining guests this summer. There’s a nice set up for food and drinks and plenty of comfy seating options.

I love being a Wayfair Homemaker! If you missed any of my other posts be sure to check them out.


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