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Today I’m taking you inside my bedroom on a mini-tour to show you one of my favorite places to relax. Take a look at how I added my summer essentials to make it my little hot weather oasis at home. It’s a summer bedroom makeover ya’ll! *This post is sponsored by Wayfair, all personality and opinions are 100% my own. 

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - Sponsored by Wayfair | Naturally Stellar

It’s beach season and the summer heat has officially kicked open the doors down here in Nashville. It’s hot! We’ve been having the kind of weather that melts makeup and bakes cookies on the dash. Seriously. 

When it’s this hot I want to do one of 2 things. Either hop in some water or relax under some nice AC. So, it’s been the perfect time to refresh my bedroom and get my favorite space in the house summer-ready.

Let me show you how I recently upgraded and redecorated my room to make it my little summer oasis at home. 


How I Bring Summer Into My Bedroom

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour | Naturally Stellar
Benjamin Comforter Set – Wayfair

I believe this is the first time I’m taking you all inside my bedroom.  I feel so exposed lol. 

Let me note that my bedroom has 2 sides to it. There’s a larger main area and a separate side with my bathroom, walk-in closet, and vanity/sink. Today I’m gonna take you on a tour of the main area of my room.  Let me know what you think!

The Bed

For me, the biggest issue I have when redecorating my bedroom is finding the right bedding.  So I tackled that first.  I have a 14″ queen-sized mattress that sits on an 18-inch high metal frame (for added storage space). So my bed is pretty tall. 

Finding the right bed skirt and blankets that drape just right is a bit difficult. But I knew Wayfair wouldn’t let me down. 

I thought about the elements I love most about Summer.  Water, sand, and sunshine. Then thought about how to incorporate those into my room with new bedding and decor.

To get started, I went online to and began browsing. I found this luxe-looking 7 piece comforter set (color: Seafoam) that came with a comforter, 2 shams, bed skirt, and 3 decorative pillows. I didn’t use the skirt because my bed sits too high for it. So I bought a separate one to fit my frame.


My windows have been bare for quite some time. It’s one of those things around the house that I just haven’t had the time to do.  I procrastinated for so long that I basically forgot about it.  But it’s amazing what a simple rod and curtains can do to give life and personality to this space.  

I found the perfect curtains for my summer bedroom. Check out these sheers!

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - New Windows | Naturally Stellar
Bainum Geometric Sheer Grommet Panel Curtains

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - Sheer Grommet Curtains | Naturally Stellar

Side Tables

I’ve been doing a big decluttering project around the apartment lately so we can minimize.  One of the ways I’ve been tackling this in my bedroom is by adding furniture pieces and decor that provide extra storage space.

I found this side table on Facebook Marketplace for $30, not too long ago.

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - Side Table | Naturally Stellar

I also upgraded our lighting in the room by adding 2 new USB lamps (they have ports on the back) and this little rotating glass decor piece to store smaller items I normally toss on the table like my phones, headphones, and earrings. 

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - Table Decor | Naturally Stellar

Ok, technically this isn’t a side table.  It’s a cute ottoman/bench that I use for extra seating or as a faux table in my room.  But I jazzed it up by repurposing a serving tray and adding a nice vase and pussy willows

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - Pussy Willows | Naturally Stellar
Wrought Studio Textured Vase & Ophelia & Co. 6 Piece Pussy Willow Set – Wayfair

Decor That Feels Like Summer

One of my favorite ways to add personality to our small space rooms is by adding the right decor to the walls. This wall shelf set by Brayden Studio has really turned a drab looking wall in my bedroom into a spot I love to stare at now.   

I picked up the various decor pieces from my local dollar store and discount store. 

Then, I added some cheap LED tea lights to my mason jars to create soft romantic lighting into the room, at night. 

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - Wall Shelf Set | Naturally Stellar
Brayden Studio Wall Shelf Set – Wayfair

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - Summer Decor | Naturally Stellar

Summer Master Bedroom Makeover Mini Tour - Wall Shelf Decor | Naturally Stellar

I’m so in love with the whole look and feel of my room now.  It’s so inviting and relaxing. The perfect place for kicking back on my Netflix binges and for hiding from my kids lol. 

I hope this post inspires you to add a little Summer to your favorite spot in your home. Let me know what you think about my room and be sure to check out Wayfair for your next redecorating project. 

Be on the lookout for a future post about how I decluttered and organized our small space master bedroom. 


Wayfair items featured in this post

  1. Bainum Geometric Sheer Grommet Curtain Panels (Set of 2)
  2. Benjamin Comforter Set
  3. Brayden Studio Wall Shelf (Set of 2)
  4. Wrought Studio White Textured Table Vase
  5. Ophelia & Co. 6 Piece Pussy Willow Bundle Branch Set

I love being a Wayfair Homemaker! If you missed any of my other posts be sure to check them out.


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What do you think about my bedroom? 

Have you redecorated any of your rooms for Summer?


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