I’m always down for saving on my beauty needs which includes saving on my nail care.  In today’s post I’ll share some of my favorite ways to keep my nails and beauty budget in check. These are simple at-home solutions you can use to give you salon quality results.  * This post may contain affiliate links to some of my favorite retailers. While it doesn’t cost you anything to click, this blog could earn a small fee when you use one of my links to buy. So, thank you!

Cheap Ways To Keep Your Nails Looking Great Without A Salon Trip | Naturally Stellar

I’ve learned how to master taking care of my nails at home with the same excellent results that I can get from a professional salon visit. Here are a few tips on how to keep your nails looking gorgeous and healthy with the help of some of my favorite nail tools & beauty supplies.

At Home Dip Powder Kits

Dip powder is a popular method for maintaining a salon quality manicure that lasts. 

If you’re not familiar, dip powder is basically a white (clear) or pigmented acrylic powder that is applied to the nail surface by dipping your fingernail down into the powder, after a base is applied.  Unlike gels, there’s no UV light required to cure it.  You can apply dip powder to your natural nails or over artificial nail tips. Then the nails are filed and sealed giving you lasting color and shine.

Cheap Ways To Keep Your Nails Looking Great Without A Salon Trip | Naturally Stellar

At home manicure using Kiss Salon Dip Pro Dipping System

For my mani above I used the Kiss Nails Salon Dipping System I found in Target and bought the Kiss colored powder (Song Bird) in-store at Rite Aid. Currently, they are the only authorized retailer that sells the Kiss dip powders.  But you can also find other quality dip powder brands on Amazon and at Ulta Beauty.

It’s a great way to reinforce your nails against chipping, breaking or damage.

What I love the most about dip powder is that I can apply it to my natural nails (which I’m in the process of growing out) at home without ever having to step foot into a salon. There are many kits on the market that supply everything you need to get the same results at home.

Cheap Ways To Keep Your Nails Looking Great Without A Salon Trip | Naturally Stellar

Kiss Salon Dip Kits available at Target

Press On/Glue On Artificial Tips

I’ve always been a fan of press on & glue on nail tips.  They’re super convenient and temporary. So I can change styles as often as I like without spending even a quarter of what I’d spend on a salon set.

Cheap Ways To Keep Your Nails Looking Great Without A Salon Trip | Naturally Stellar

Cheap Ways To Keep Your Nails Looking Great Without A Salon Trip | Naturally Stellar

Kiss Press On Manicure – Naturally Stellar

Nail Hardeners

Even if tips and acrylics aren’t your thing you should be reinforcing your natural nails with products that protect them.  Nail Hardeners work to harden and protect your nails from daily damage and drying.

Cheap Ways To Keep Your Nails Looking Great Without A Salon Trip | Naturally Stellar

Cuticle Softeners & Oils

To keep my cuticles and nail beds looking great I like to use my favorite cuticle oil mix or body oils since they are formulated to absorb quickly into the skin.  I rub these in all around each nail and sometimes on my natural nails when I’m not wearing any product on them.

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Good Quality Polish

I’ve tried lots of nail polish brands over the years.  For many years I was hooked on the fast cosmetics brand, Sinful Colors, which is owned by Revlon. I still am.  They have a nice variety of colors to choose from and are super affordable at only $1-$2 per bottle.  I find that a lot of their shades are deeply pigmented and comparable to more expensive luxury varnishes. With these I always had good staying power with minimal chipping.

Ruby Ruby Moody Manicure | Naturally Stellar

Sinful Colors Professional Ruby Ruby 369, Moody Manicure

If you’re into eco-conscious nail brands, Surya Brasil is also a good one to try. 

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These days, I find myself gravitating more toward gel polishes.  I really don’t care whether it’s UV cured or not. I just like how well the polishes stay in tact and save me time on my home manicures & pedi’s. 

Well, I hope this post gave you some ideas and inspiration to care for your nails at home.  There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself at the salon every now and then. I do it too! But, I also want to show you how much money & time you can save with a little diy nail care. 

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Do you prefer to care for your nails at home or at the salon?

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