Nobody’s perfect. We all wish this parenting thing came with a manual full of all of the do’s and don’ts to raising our kids but unfortunately and since the beginning of time, it doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for reflection and improvement for us moms.

5 Ways To Be A Better Mom | Naturally Stellar

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I can do a better job as a mom. It’s something I pray about regularly and I try to focus on at least 1 thing each week to progress in my goal.  I owe this to both myself and my kids because I want them to look back on their childhoods, fondly, knowing that their mom tried her best. 

I wanna share 5 key areas that I’m working on to becoming a better mom in the hopes that it can help someone struggling with this same issue. This isn’t one of those lists that encompasses all things. Just 5 things that I notice I need to work on. So here we go!

5 Ways To Be A Better Mom | Naturally Stellar

5 Ways To Be A Better Mom

Being more attentive

I thought I was being attentive to both of my kids equally until I started noticing major behavioral changes in my oldest this school year.  I could blame it all on the tween stage, him being a boy or his middle school status. But, I accept that a lot of it was my fault.

I’ve been focusing more of my time on my preschooler and her needs, sometimes forgetting that my 10-year-old still needs his mama. He’s still a little boy with a lot of insecurities, questions and emotional needs that have to be met every day.

So some of what I’ve been doing lately is spending more time hugging and kissing him before and after school, throughout his day and especially at bedtime. I’ve also gone back to spending time at his bedside talking to him before bed at night. He really likes our talks and that’s where we get silly and he likes to get deeper with sharing the real things that went on in his day. Or sometimes it’s things that have just been weighing on his mind. I cherish those moments with him. 

5 Ways To Be A Better Mom | Naturally Stellar

Being present

This one really is a challenge for me at times.  My mind is constantly racing a mile a minute throughout the day. I’m either mostly focused on my business or trying to manage things for the family. So my attentiveness can be lacking when people need me the most. 

How I’m overcoming this is by totally dumping my mind through prayer and shutting off unnecessary things that compete for my attention like social media and work. 

Taking care of me

I think a lot of us moms fall short of this one. We’re always so focused on being everything to everybody else while placing our needs last. Realizing this has caused me to make a conscious effort to do something for myself every day.  Whether it’s watching my favorite show, doing something relaxing or preparing my favorite meal.  If I want to be a better mom then I have to do more things to improve my well being. 

5 Ways To Be A Better Mom | Naturally Stellar

Seeking help and being willing to accept it

Man, it is so hard for me to accept help from people. A lot of that is because of my upbringing.  I was raised to be self-sufficient. I mean, it’s a good thing to be able to take care of yourself and try to manage things on your own. But too much self-sufficiency can lead to other problems. For me, it’s trust issues and feeling like I’ve failed if I have to accept help from others. I’m slowly working on getting over this as a mom. 

Next time someone offers to do anything to help me, whether it’s watching the kids or cooking a meal, the answer is yes!

Spending more quality time with each kid

There used to be a time when mommy son dates was a regular occurrence. But now, I feel like I barely have the time or my son is constantly on punishment for something. So I’ve neglected our private time together.

Changes in the works are scheduling time for each child to spend with me doing something they enjoy. I can step out of the mom zone for an hour or two to do something they love. Even if it’s something silly. 

5 Ways To Be A Better Mom | Naturally Stellar

Hopefully, I gave you some things to think about in this post. I’m gonna keep working on myself in the hopes that these will become second nature soon. Until next time, mamas!

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What kinds of things are you working on to become a better mom?

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