Although I’ll never be a fan of the pale skin aspirations of K Beauty (’cause this gorgeous melanin), I’m still fascinated by the meticulous attention to skin care. I mean who doesn’t want to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible sans makeup?

Korean Beauty Masks Why I'm Hooked | Naturally Stellar


What Is K Beauty?

If you’re unfamiliar with Korean Beauty, let me just break it down for you in a nutshell.  The focus is on healthy skin. It’s a much more rigorous skincare routine than we may be used to in the States. Some with upwards of 7-10 steps involved both morning and night.

The products are mainly targeted to specific areas of the skin and you may notice a lot of unusual ingredients (to Westerners) in the formulas like champagne, snail slime, truffles, and pearl. But most often you’ll find the products are packed with skin-loving vitamins, minerals and botanicals that treat common skin issues like inflammation, scarring, oiliness, dryness, and dullness etc.

So K Beauty is definitely for the curious and consistent beauty lover. You gotta be committed to this!

Korean Beauty Masks Why I'm Hooked | Naturally Stellar

I know for centuries my ancestors have held on tight to some awesome beauty secrets like “the butters“. And certain genetic characteristics make it easier for my black not to crack.  But, I feel like my Korean sistren are even more serious about their beauty secrets. I mean, when it comes to sheet masks & some of the K Beauty brands, I don’t think they can be touched. I’m freakin’ hooked!

Korean Beauty Masks

If you’re pondering trying out some new K Beauty products or maybe even testing a new routine, here’s a great starting point. Let me introduce you to FaceTory. 

FaceTory is a subscription-based beauty service that provides you with a unique sampling of Korean Beauty masks.  It’s a great way to get familiar with K Beauty brands, new (to you) ingredients, and facial treatments without a deep pocket commitment.

It’s also a great way to pamper yourself every week.  You know I’m all about self-care this year. 

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FaceTory Subscription Service

FaceTory offers 3 subscription options for you to experience monthly.  You can subscribe monthly and cancel at any time or subscribe to a 6 or 12-month plan for a discounted rate.

  • 4 Ever FRESH Kit – 4 Handpicked Sheet Masks – $8.90/month
  • 7 LUX Box – 7 Luxurious Sheet Masks – $19.90/month
  • LUX PLUS Box – 3 full-sized skincare products + masks and more – $34.95/month

Everything I’m showing you in the post today is a sample of what you’ll receive when you order the 7 LUX Box, which is 7 luxurious sheet masks every month. The box comes with an insert that shows details about each mask including tips and the retail price of the mask in US dollars. 

I’ll go deeper into each mask, their benefits, and ingredients on my IG Stories and IGTV this week. You can also check them on something new I’m trying out…Face Mask Fridays.

Korean Beauty Masks Why I'm Hooked | Naturally Stellar

FaceTory Korean Sheet Mask Subscription Service


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Are you a sheet mask / Korean face mask junkie?  What are your favorites?




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