Less Device Time and More Imaginative STEM Play with Strictly Briks

I’m always looking for fun ways to encourage STEM play with my kids while being gentle on my pockets. I like to find ways to inspire them and push them to use their imaginations.  Electronics are great but I like to balance their time between devices and active play with their hands and with each other.  That’s where Strictly Briks comes into the picture.

Active Play with STEM and Briks | Naturally Stellar


Strictly Briks playsets

Strictly Briks is a family run/owned toy business whose mission is to “encourage kids to dream amazing things, create and build imagination into reality, and grow into the scientists, mathematicians, engineers, designers, inventors, and problem solvers of tomorrow.”

They’ve developed an innovative line of construction sets and accessories for kids that are also compatible with more popular building sets like Lego, Duplo and Mega Bloks.

The brand offers a nice variety of building sets and toys suitable for various ages.   I also love that they offer flexible silicone sets and baseplates.  One of the benefits that I feel really sets these apart.

Active Play with STEM and Briks | Naturally Stellar

Here’s some of what Strictly Briks has to offer:

  • Small, big Briks (compatible with Lego, Duplo & Mega Bloks) and beginner Briks (compatible with Mega Bloks First Builders sets)
  • Silicone Briks with flexible baseplates
  • Clear Briks
  • Storage Briks
  • Mini sets and puzzles
  • AlphaBriks & MathBriks
  • Cube & Pyramid sets
  • Stackable, trap door, shapes and road style baseplates

Active Play with STEM and Briks | Naturally Stellar

Strictly Briks – Reading & Math Play

AlphaBriks & MathBriks are a nice option for homeschooling.  I see the AlphaBriks as a good tool to use to help my daughter with her vocabulary & reading.  She can already identify all 26 letters of the alphabet, so now we’re working on simple words.  This will be a great way to incorporate some play into our process.

If you’re on the hunt for STEM toys, head over to the Strictly Briks website and check them out.  You can also find them on social.

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How do you encourage STEM play with your kids or little people in your life?

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