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Have you ever had a food or smell that immediately brings back great childhood memories? I do. Plenty of things can take me back, like authentic Italian food, sweet potato pie and the classic…Cheerios. 

What Food Brings Back Your Favorite Childhood Memories? | Naturally Stellar


One of my favorite childhood memories is getting up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons with my 2 brothers. We’d all go downstairs to the kitchen and pour big bowls of cereal, while my mom yelled downstairs to us, “Don’t you fill up those bowls!”  Of course, we always did just that lol.  I mean who could resist a big bowl of Cheerios right?

After we all got our bowls we would head to our living room and made sure we sat somewhere where we couldn’t make a mess. In our house, that meant sitting on the carpet and not on the couch until we were done.

If my mom and dad weren’t exhausted from their work week, they would sometimes join us. But even if they didn’t, it was always a great time of laughing and reconnecting with each other because eventually, everyone made it into the living room.

Saturday morning cartoons and Cheerios was always the perfect combination to get all the siblings together.

What Food Brings Back Your Favorite Childhood Memories? | Naturally Stellar

Every Moment Is Precious

Last fall, I lost my oldest brother. He died unexpectedly at the age of 42. So, it’s been a tough year for me and my family, as I know it has been for a lot of you that are reading this. I think we all can understand that every moment in this life is precious. That’s why I take every opportunity now to make sure that we stay connected as a family.  I do my best not to take any of our moments for granted. Especially opportunities to bond and reconnect during our busy weeks.

With the holidays approaching, come new opportunities to shake off our busy schedules and reconnect with family again. I want my kids to experience those same childhood memories as I had growing up.  I want them to enjoy spending time with their family, even if it’s just over a simple bowl of cereal.

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately watching family movies and introducing our kids to the cartoon classics. It’s a shame there aren’t any more Saturday morning cartoons. I do miss those times. But I’m so glad for streaming players now so we can watch those same classics on demand. 

What Food Brings Back Your Favorite Childhood Memories? | Naturally Stellar

This Fall Share A Box With Your Friends And Family

On my latest trip to Walmart, I picked up the new Maple Cheerios and Peanut Butter Blasted Shreds.    Have you seen either of these on the shelf or displays? Maple Cheerios is a new twist on our favorite classic – sweetened with real Maple syrup and gluten-free. Next time you shop at Walmart, pick up a box and try out the new flavor.  It’s really good! So, now’s a great time to introduce Maple Cheerios to your loved ones. You can even stock up with a 2 pack for the holidays.

If you’re too busy to go in-store you can always order them online through Walmart’s free grocery pick up and have them brought out to your car. 

I use grocery pickup weekly to help manage my household and save time on the weekends. The process is pretty simple and I have a much better experience beating the crowds from the comfort of my bed or sofa.


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What Food Brings Back Childhood Memories? | Naturally Stellar

What Food Brings Back Your Favorite Childhood Memories? | Naturally Stellar

So do you have a food that brings back really good childhood memories?  What is it?  Leave a comment below or click the link and head over to the Maple Cheerios post on my Instagram and join the conversation!

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