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October is National Window Covering Safety Month. That means it’s time to check your window coverings for strangulation hazards like dangling and exposed cords. Then, replace them with cordless products.

Window Covering Safety Month Tips | Naturally Stellar

Why Use Cordless Window Coverings?

Dangling and looped cords can pose a strangulation risk in infants and young children. So you want to be sure that all loops are removed and the cords are placed high near the headrails, where they can’t reach them.

For many years my family has lived in apartments. This often means that we don’t have much say over the window coverings that are installed on the windows in our unit. Oftentimes the installed blinds can’t even be switched out for other options because we’re bound by our lease not to remove or alter them. This is a problem when it comes to child safety because a lot of our blinds have dangling cords. But, there is a simple solution for those of us bound by that clause in our leases.

Window Covering Safety Month Tips | Naturally Stellar

For many of us parents that live in apartments or rent living spaces where we have limited control over our window treatments, there are alternatives out there to help keep our little ones safer. The Window Covering Safety Council provides FREE retrofit kits for various types of coverings.

That means you can order your kit based on the type of blinds you have and turn those corded coverings into safer options. 

Toddlers Can Be Sneaky

I thought I was done child proofing our home but there are so many things that never even cross my mind. Cords on our blinds wasn’t something that I paid attention to but it makes perfect sense. I’ve caught my daughter climbing on things so she could reach her window and look out the blinds. Oftentimes, looking for a way to open the blinds the same way she watches me do it.

I keep her bed on a windowless wall and thought that would prevent her from playing in the window. But these toddlers are sneaky! If they can figure out a way to get where they want, they’ll try. So what she likes to do is push her rocking horses together and push them up against the wall so she can climb up.

Window Covering Safety Month Tips | Naturally Stellar

We’re going the process of decluttering and donating too. So this rocking horse will be leaving us soon so some other kid can enjoy Jane The Train. My daughter doesn’t really need 2 anyway.

But after learning more about cord safety, I’ve since moved her larger toys to the other side of her room and keep her window area clear of anything she can possibly stack or climb up on.

I feel so much more at ease letting my daughter play alone in her room now, knowing that all of the cords are out-of-the-way. Plus I’ve taken extra safety precautions by securing the cords on her blinds. 

Window Covering Safety Month Tips | Naturally Stellar

I like to keep my fall decor simple. I added just a few touches to my kitchen, like this pretty wooden mason jar with flowers.

Home Decor Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safer at Home

I know many of us are preparing our homes for fall so I also want to be sure to share a few infant/toddler safety tips to consider tackling while adding new home decor. 

  • Install only cordless window coverings or make sure the cords are inaccessible to young children.
  • Look for the Best For Kids certification when shopping for window coverings. Major retailers across the country carry cordless products.
  • Move all beds, furniture, toys, and cribs away from windows or walls with windows.
  • Use safety covers for all unused outlets around the home
  • Put child locks on doors, cabinets and toilet seat lids
  • Add bumpers to the sides of coffee tables
  • Limit their curiosity of outlets by using battery-powered night lights.
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Window Covering Safety Month Tips | Naturally Stellar

I hope this post gives you something to think about while shopping for home decor or making improvements around your home. If you’re in need of a free retrofit kit, click here.  Also, if you have any questions or comments at all, please leave them in the comment section and don’t forget to join the convo on Instagram!

Window Covering Safety Month Tips | Naturally Stellar



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