6 Helpful Things To Do Right After Your First Massage

Ahhh you just got done getting your first massage.  You were determined to get some “Me” time and want to continue focusing on self-care.  So what should you do right after you finish with your first massage experience?  Here are 6 things you should absolutely do for massage aftercare.

6 Things You Should Do After A Massage | Naturally Stellar


6 Helpful Things To Do After Your First Massage ( Massage After Care )

#1   Drink plenty of water – It’s very important to stay hydrated before and after a massage.  It’s almost like you go through a full body workout during your appointment.  So just as in regular exercise, it’s vital to drink plenty of water to help your body get rid of toxins and keep your muscles hydrated.  It helps prevent tenderness, soreness, and cramps.

6 Things You Should Do After A Massage | Naturally Stellar

#2   Get some rest – One thing that I have learned first hand is that YOU WILL BE TIRED after your first massage.  It’s inevitable.  If your therapist was any kind of good, you’ll feel like taking a nap afterward.  Follow what your body is telling you and go lay down somewhere!

#3   Follow any instructions given by your massage therapist – Sometimes your therapist may give you tips on how to care for your treated areas once you get home.  Listen to what they say. It’s for your own good.

#4   Leave a review online – I firmly believe in letting people know about my experiences using certain services.  Shortly after your appointment would be a good time to leave a quick Google review, to let other’s know more about the facility, your specific therapist and your overall experience or any issues you may have encountered during your appointment. 

Reviews and testimonials can be so helpful to someone looking to try out a new business. It cuts down the chance of ending up with a horrible first experience.

6 Things To Do For Massage After Care | Naturally Stellar

#5   Schedule your next appointment – If you’re sure about your availability and budget, why not set your appointment before you leave?  You can use this as an opportunity to establish your new relationship as a client and maybe even find out if there are any specials for your requested dates.   If you’re unsure of budget or availability, don’t feel pressured to schedule services. You can always politely let them know you’ll contact them when you’re ready. 

#6   Tip your massage therapist – Always remember to tip your therapist on the way out.  If you pay by credit card, simply add the tip to your total bill.   Anywhere between 10 and 20% is suitable, depending on your experience.

6 Things You Should Do After A Massage | Naturally Stellar

I hope these helpful massage aftercare tidbits will tie up any loose ends from your first massage experience.  Feel free to drop any questions or comments in the comment box at the bottom of the page.  

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How was your first massage experience?

  1. Hi Candice ???? Yes as licensed massage therapists we go beyond giving you a mobile massage of excellence to your door! We frequent the whole Nashville area! We aim to give the highest quality of massage possible in the area! Thank you to.the Great clients we service! Thankyou to all future clients ! We appreciate you! Yes we appreciate GREAT reviews ! We have 5 star reviews ! We treat our clients right ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! ????❤

    1. Thanks for your comment! I love the idea of a mobile massage. It’s not something that I’ve tried yet. I really enjoy getting away from my surroundings during my massages. *Naturally Stellar in no way endorses, promotes or is connected with Nashville Massage Company*

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