It happens to the best of us.  You want a night out with your Boo, some “me time”, a quick trip to the Salon or just a few hours to hide from the family, but no babysitter.  You rack your brain trying to figure out how to do it, who to call. Have you considered using drop-in childcare services?

Drop In Childcare - What to Expect + 6 Nashville Centers | Naturally Stellar

Drop-In Childcare – A Parent’s Hidden Gem

Drop-in childcare has become our knight in shining armor. If you are not familiar with it, it’s a convenient child care alternative to traditional babysitters or childcare/daycare centers. They provide flexible, short-term schedules and services to meet your needs. 

Just as you would expect from a licensed child care center, there are security measures in place to protect children. Expect to complete registration forms that include your child’s medical history (also proof of immunizations), emergency contacts and who has the right to pick up and/or drop off your child.

What I Like The Most

What I like the most about drop-in care is, it makes date night a breeze because we don’t have to search for a sitter in advance.  We can just choose a drop-in location that’s convenient for whatever our plans are.  At our favorite center, we pay a combined total of $12 /hr. for BOTH of our kids, whenever we use drop-in services.   We even receive coupons from time to time which makes it even cheaper. If the kids haven’t eaten or we know they’ll be there for an extended period of time, we can buy their meals & snacks off the menu or bring in our own.

There’s plenty of activities and things to keep them busy for hours.  Plus, the childcare specialists do more than just supervise, they are interactive with the kids in structured group play.

Drop-In Childcare - What to Expect + 6 Nashville Centers | Naturally Stellar


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If you’re on the fence about trying one out for yourself, here are some things you can expect:

  • Most drop-in childcare centers are open 7 days per week
  • Some places are open early mornings through late nights
  • State Licensed
  • Require registration forms (including medical history) to be filled out
  • Secure facilities
  • CPR & First Aid certified caregivers
  • Offer infant care
  • Provide meals or snacks
  • Serve kids infants through 12 years
  • Fees for services per hour average lower than a babysitting service.

What My Kids Like The Most

My son has no problems telling us that we should go on another date just so he can go to drop-in childcare again.  His favorite things to do is play Xbox and eat pizza.  My daughter likes to bring along her lovie and play with the train tables or kitchen set.  She loves to be able to take off her socks so she can run and jump.  It never fails, they have a ball every time, which really puts me at ease when we’re away from them. 

6 Nashville Area Drop-In Childcare Locations

The Children’s Playroom (Brentwood & Belle Meade)

Me Time Childcare (Mt. Juliet)

Stay And Play Childcare Center (Hermitage)

The Children’s Hour (Franklin)

Child’s Play (Franklin)


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Have you ever used drop-in care for your kid(s)?

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