Have ya’ll seen Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talks, where she sits around the table with guests or her mom & daughter and discusses a bunch of thought-provoking topics? Well, if you’re on Facebook, you can catch-all the episodes by clicking here. The reason I’m bringing up Red Table Talks is because this last episode really got me thinking about my body and why I feel the way I do about it.

Jada's Red Table Talks Got Me Thinking About My Body | Naturally Stellar

Actually I was already thinking about my body. But the show just highlighted the fact that I’m not alone.  Almost everyone has a part of their body that they may not like.  As much as I want to present myself as being all “positive” about my body image, I have to keep it real.  I’m not feeling my current body. I got some things that need shifting around, big time!

I was looking at myself in the mirror recently and am amazed at how chubby I’ve gotten over the past year.  Even more so in the last few months.  I mean I have all types of double chins, neck rolls and cellulite that I must have been sleeping through, as it attached itself to my body.

My head feels humongous now because it’s so round.  I seriously feel like I have to start doing the dreaded facial contouring now, just so I can see my jaw line. I do remember having one 2 years ago.  No seriously, I really do have a jaw line ya’ll, see!

Jada's Red Table Talks Got Me Thinking About My Body | Naturally Stellar

Now I have love handles, a spare tire, back fat and my arms are starting to flap.  Man, this is unacceptable!  I want my body back!

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I’m Not Feeling My Current Body

There was a time in my life when no matter what I tried, I couldn’t gain weight. My metabolism had been high most of my life and I seriously thought I would be bean pole skinny forever. Even though I hated being thin.

One of my major concerns used to be my little booty.  I didn’t like it and it wasn’t flattering to my figure. I also didn’t have much muscle definition overall because I rarely worked out.  But I was a “curvy” skinny person throughout my 20’s and 30’s. Buying clothes was always easy and I could buy right off the racks without problems.

If I gained a few pounds during those times, I was ecstatic. 

Jada's Red Table Talks Got Me Thinking About My Body | Naturally Stellar

Fast forward to my childbearing years, and now into 2017-2018 and I can’t find a pair of pants to fit me to save my life!  My weight is constantly up and down, so one minute my clothes fit and the next they don’t.   I’m so over this.

Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talks…I’m Diggin’ Them!

So I was watching one of Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talks this week and it was talking about body image.  It was a really great conversation.  Willow talked about rejection from boys because she wasn’t curvy.  Jada’s mom talked about not liking her legs and how society views women as they age.  Jada talked about her various body changes over the years and revealed that she’s experiencing alopecia. (Same here…not sure why, but it’s been happening)

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After watching this, it had me thinking. There’s nothing about me that I don’t like, that can’t be changed through diet and exercise.  Seriously.  If I lose my hair, I’m cool.  I can always rock a wig, weave, head wrap or precision cut.  There’s no sense in going crazy over things that are beyond my control.

But as far as the things I CAN control.  I can control my weight (it’ll be hard, but I can do it) and I could work hard to define my body if I really want it bad enough.

If I have learned anything within the last 6 months, I’ve learned that we can’t take these bodies with us when we die.  We only get 1 earthly body and it’s up to us to love it or waste our lives hating it.  We can either do things to nurture and love our bodies or not.

Our bodies really are a gift and our temple. Everyday when feelings of doubt or inadequacy about my body pop up in my mind, I have to remind myself that God gave me this body.  He didn’t make any mistakes when he created me and this is the body that was meant for ME.

How I choose to nurture and shape my body is totally up to me.  But I want to be sure that I’m taking really good care of my God-given gift every day, starting with changes to my diet. 

Next Steps

Having said that, I’m giving myself 3 months to whip this thang back into shape! It’ll be just in time for my birthday. If you’d like to join me, I’ll be plucking some inspiration from my Pinterest fitness board below and following my new favorite workout channel on YouTube, Koboko Fitness.   What I love about her workouts are they’re not pretentious. She’s just a regular chick showing you how she got fit and her videos are cool, with timers and lots of encouragement.  

I also love that the workouts are mamafied and short! Perfect for getting it in during the busy day even with kids around.  

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What’s your favorite workout?  Any special diets you swear by?

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