It’s okay if you weren’t ready for a photo shoot and paparazzi, hours after giving birth.  There’s a lot going on with our human bodies and minds after going through the major life change of delivering a baby.  So if you weren’t all dolled up like Kate, after birth , and are feeling some kind of way about it, please stop.  


The crazy things I’ve been reading on my social feeds from people commenting talmbout “What’s her secret?” “Wow, she looks great!”

Yeah, you would too if you had a team of midwives and doctors or people getting you up, washed, dressed and made up to perfection.  Oh and I’m sure she wasn’t eating the same kind of hospital food you got.  Kate’s meals were probably prepped by a master chef and cooked Benihana style at her bedside.  

Come on people! We have to stop putting these unrealistic expectations on moms.

Seriously. You don’t really believe this woman delivered a massive melon sized baby through her vagina, ate a good meal, rested, got up and washed, dressed, did her hair and makeup, fed the baby, dressed the baby and then appeared flawless for that photo opp on her own?

If you do, then you probably don’t wash your meat either because of “science”.

Let’s nix the fiction.  Here’s what I was doing after birth.  Facts.

7 Hours After Birth I Was…

7 hours after I gave birth to my son in 2008, I was in bed trying to get him to latch on for breast-feeding with no sign of milk. I was healing from my fly episiotomy stitches (said no mom ever) and praying for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Besides that, I was hungry as hell and had absolutely no desire to be entertaining guests or smiling for cameras. 

Plus, I don’t think the world was ready for my sexy hospital granny panties and colossal maxi pads.

But I would have gladly posed if someone would have run down the street to Country Sweet Chicken and Ribs to get me a fish dinner with mild sauce.   I would have gotten all Kated up for you fam.

7 hours after giving birth to my daughter in 2015, I was a friggin’ zombie from the amount of people coming in and out of my hospital room.  I gave birth at a teaching hospital. So not only did I have the blessing of normal in and out traffic, I also had extra observers during my delivery and at different points during my stay. 

Thanks to me and some other moms’ perfect timing, they ran out of recovery rooms in maternity that day. That meant, I had to get a room outside of maternity, next to the busy staff cafeteria, until they could move me the next day.  This also meant, I had to share a bathroom with another patient. 

Noise.  Not from my neighbor, but from the slamming doors and hospital staff being all loud as they passed by my door. Waking up the baby all times of the night.

No episiotomy this time, but it took quite a while to get my bladder under control. So shouts out to my bed pan and the nurse that had to remove it!  It took a while until I was able to fully feel my legs again after the epidural.  Then it was a balancing/shuffle act to get to the shared bathroom toilet.  The patient in the next room, had a room full of never-ending family that seemed to always have to pee.  So, not only was my bladder punking me, but I also had to wait in line to use the bathroom my insurance was paying for.  Yayy!!

Did I mention the noise?

Again, I was having difficulty with breastfeeding, so I was also in training on how to use nipple shields. That was hit or miss. 

So yeah, I was in no mood for photos.  But I was in the mood to punch somebody in the face.

You Don't Have To Be Camera Ready After Birth | Naturally Stellar

Listen moms, having a baby is no walk in the park, no matter how we bring our kids into this world.  To compare our circumstances to someone’s whose lifestyle is already unrealistic to the average mom, is crazy.  Kate looks good. I’ll giver her props. But I had/have no desire to win that race or competition.

I think the best thing to do is to just embrace our own crazy deliveries and keep it moving.  It ain’t that serious. They’ll get their photos when they get them. 


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How soon were you in full on dress and makeup after birth?  No judgement. 


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