Newest Target Collections Come Just In Time For Spring and Home Makeovers

Hey Stars! Happy Friday. I’m so glad our weather here in Nashville decided to stop playing with us and actually send some heat to go along with the sunshine.  It actually feels like Spring again today!  Hey so, this post is dedicated to all the Target mama’s, who can’t stay away from exploring the racks & shelves of our favorite box retailer.  Here’s just 1 more reason to drop by your local Target this weekend.

Opalhouse home collection picks | Naturally Stellar

This weekend there are 2 great collections you can check out at Target.  Hunter by Target makes its debut as well as Opalhouse.  Let’s take a look at Hunter, shall we? *This post contains affiliate links. What that means is, I get paid a small percentage when you click on links or ads.  It costs you nothing, but I thank you and appreciate it!  🙂


If being outdoors this spring and summer, is on the agenda, you’ll definitely want to check out Hunter for Target. It’s a limited edition collection with plenty of apparel, gear and accessories, that are perfect for all those upcoming festivals, road trips and fun getaways. 

Hunter For Target Collection Preview | Naturally Stellar

Hunter For Target Collection Preview | Naturally Stellar


I don’t know why, but I have a really weird obsession with bath rugs.  It started when I first went away to college. It could be the fact that I had to live with 5 other girls in a dorm suite where we shared a shower or the fact that I don’t like stepping on cold bare floors.  Either way, I have to step out my bath or shower onto a nice plush rug, like this one I want from Opalhouse.

Home Makeover with Opalhouse Home Collection | Naturally Stellar
Opalhouse Diamond Textured Bath Rug – $24.99

So let’s dive into what else you can find. I gathered up your weekend deals and even created a style board to let you in on what I’ve been drooling over from the Opalhouse home collection.

If you’ve been in Target lately you may have noticed the new Opalhouse home collection.  One of the first things that my attention about it were the lush fabrics, vibrant colors and spring textures.  I’ve been eyeing a few pieces so I decided to put my own little style guide together. Here are my favorite Opalhouse style picks for adding a little flair to my apartment for Spring.  I hope you’ll see something you like too.  If not, head on over and check out the full collection. Let’s peep the pillows. 

Pillows are always a great way to liven up a room.  Just a simple switch and few pops of color can really bring life to an otherwise dull looking room.  Have some fun mixing up textures, patterns and bold colors this spring. 

Opalhouse home collection picks | Naturally Stellar
Pleated Pillow Opalhouse – $34.99 This style comes in Citron (shown here) and Aqua.

I love tufted furniture because it adds so much style and sophistication to a room.  This ivory loveseat will look great as is or dressed up with a splash of color from a nice throw or pillows.  

Opalhouse home collection picks | Naturally Stellar
Juno Tufted Chair Opalhouse – $499.99 and it comes in Cobalt and Ivory (shown)

After all is said and done, the thing that people tend to gravitate toward in a room are the accessories.  I’m a sucker for bowls and candles.  This gold peacock bowl is sized just right for decorative objects or actual fruit.  I wouldn’t mind having this on my coffee table or dining table.  It’s gorgeous!

Opalhouse home collection picks | Naturally Stellar
Opalhouse Peacock Gold Bowl – $29.99

I’m in desperate need of some new bedding.  One of the problems I run into when buying bedding, is finding something that both me and the hubby can agree on.   I don’t want to overdo it with the feminine touch or go too rough and rugged.   I prefer a nice luxe boutique style to my room.  So this velvet tufted quilt from Opalhouse is perfect. 

Opalhouse home collection picks | Naturally Stellar
Opalhouse Gray Velvet Tufted Quilt  – $89.99  it comes in 6 colors and there are matching pillows available too.

I don’t care what anybody says, melamine dishware is the bomb!  Not only is it stylish, but I don’t have to worry about my kids destroying my nice dishes.  I can even leave my table dressed without worrying about any accidents. Plus they’re so inexpensive!  This is the indochic dinnerware collection. 

Opalhouse home collection picks | Naturally Stellar
Opalhouse Indochic dinnerware collection – prices range from $1.99 – $179.99


Spring Home Makeover Ideas

Opalhouse home collection picks | Naturally Stellar

Juno Tufted Rollback Velvet Loveseat 

Rattan 3 Head Arc Floor Lamp

Gray Velvet Tufted Stitch Quilt

Indochic Dining Collection 

Pleated Velvet Oversized Throw Pillow

Oslari Painted Desk

Gold Peacock Bowl

Jewel Table Collection

Textured Diamond Shag Bath Rug


I have to say, I’m pretty excited about these 2.  I see a lot of stuff in Hunter that would be useful for me and my family.  I’m really pleased to see a lot of new clothes, accessories and outdoor gear for the fellas.  I spotted a few things that would make some really great Father’s Day gifts and some things to keep my kids dry in this sometimey weather of ours. 

I’m also looking forward to planning a camping trip with my family soon because I really want us to do something out of the ordinary and memorable this year. 


So did you spot anything at Target that you want on your wish list?

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