Hey Rock Stars, we all want our kids to grow up to be productive and capable adults, right? We want them to thrive and eventually be able to manage their own homes. That’s the goal.  But getting there, means starting the life lessons as early as possible so that they become a normal part of our kids lives.  So, here are a few toddler chores to have your little one help out around the house. 

Toddlers Help Around The House | Naturally Stellar

One of the amazing discoveries that I’ve found out through parenting is, the tiniest kids LOVE having responsibilities. As long as you keep them fun, rewarding and consistent. It’s as they begin to grow older, that they give you the most resistance.  So the earlier you get them started on the toddler chores, the better.

Ways Your Toddler Can Help Around The House

Unloading The Dryer

I know you’re used to doing it on your own and you have your system down to a science, but let him help you.  It may take twice as much time to finish the task. But that proud look on your baby’s face will light up your day. It makes them feel so accomplished to help with the clothes.

Toddlers Chore To Help Around The House | Naturally Stellar


If your toddler is too small for the task.  Put a basket in front of the dryer. After you fill it up, have your little one be responsible for picking up all the items that fall on the floor during the process.  Always remember to clap, praise or make a big deal out of his accomplishment.

Holding The Dustpan

I used to get so frustrated sweeping my floors with a toddler around.  Every time I’d sweep a room and have my pile all ready to go in the dustpan, here she’d come, stomping through the trash.  But what I learned is that each time she was watching me.  She wanted to be a part of that process.

Teach your child how to properly hold and set up the dustpan to be loaded with trash.  This actually can be a great help to you since they’re so short and close to the floor anyway 🙂   Then once the dustpan is loaded, teach them how to dump it in the trash.  One way we keep this fun is by telling the trash goodbye when we dump it.  “Bye bye trash!”

Putting Things In The Trash

One of the easiest ways I’ve been able to convince my daughter to throw away trash is by making sure that she has an easy way to get rid of it, where she plays.   So, I bought her a cute colorful bin and I have her fill it with any trash that she accumulates throughout the day.

Toddlers Chores To Help Around The House | Naturally Stellar

We do quick 5 minute clean up sessions during the day, to remind her to pick up after herself and throw away any trash like ripped up papers (because toddlers love to rip excessive amounts of stuff for some reason), balled up coloring pages, random snacks that ended up on the floor etc.

Toddlers Help Around The House | Naturally Stellar

Just be mindful to dump the trash bin regularly so they can’t re-trash the room. They will if you let ’em!

Toddlers Chores That Make Sense

Putting Dirty Clothes In The Hamper

In our house, everyone is responsible for putting their dirty clothes away in a hamper.  Each bedroom has one, so there’s no confusion over where stuff goes.  For a toddler, not only can you turn this chore into a fun game of slam dunk, but it’s a great way to teach your child a good habit.

Toddlers Chores To Help Around The House | Naturally Stellar


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Handing Out Napkins

My baby is super interested in everything that goes on in the kitchen.  She loves venturing in when I’m cooking, which can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance or hazardous, depending on what I’m doing at the time. So what I’ve learned to do is let her know, “OK, Mommy is cooking but when I’m done you can help, ok?”    

I let her help with the little things like making sure everyone has a napkin. If it’s pizza night, then 9 times out of 10 we’re using paper plates. So I let her hand out the plates to each person.  Then we just make sure that everyone gives her a nice “Thank You!” for a job well done. 

Helping With The Groceries

Toddlers are capable of carrying light items to help out.  However, one of the best ways they can help with the groceries is by taking care of the empty bags. My baby loves taking on the task of balling up all of my plastic grocery bags and stuffing them inside 1 big bag.   I reuse most of my shopping bags as conditioning caps, trash can liners and miscellaneous totes. So, giving her this job to do is pretty beneficial to me. Plus, she gets a kick out of it. She loves helping out.

Toddlers Help Around The House | Naturally Stellar

If you use paper bags, teach her how to fold or stack them to keep them neat.  If you use reusable bags, teach him how to put them away neatly.  Everything can be turned into a teachable lesson.

Be your mini assistant

My daughter loves being my little assistant. Since I’m a stay at home/work at home mom, the lines between work and home can get blurred, most days.  But the thing that helps me manage the 2 and makes my baby happy, is helping mommy with her work stuff.  One of my daughter’s favorite jobs is being my little administrative assistant.  What’s her main job? She grabs my papers off the printer for me and brings me my cell phone when it rings.


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I hope these tips were helpful and have given you some ideas about toddler chores and how to get your little ones involved in the household.  It’s never too early to start teaching our kids how important they are to the function of the family.  It’s also a great way to show our kids love, as a parent.   If you have some tips that can help other Rock Star Moms get their toddlers involved in helping out, leave a comment!


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Does your toddler help out around the house?  When did your kids first learn about chores?

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