What Spring Beauty Awaits In My Dazzle VoxBox ?

Skin and hair are the two main beauty focuses of Naturally Stellar, so it’s no surprise that I was a match to receive the Spring Dazzle VoxBox from Influenster.  The products in this box are all about giving your skin and hair a nice Spring #GlowUp – I received all of the products in this post for FREE from Influenster, for testing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Dazzle VoxBox Influenster | Naturally Stellar

It’s been a while since I’ve received or shared a goodie box from Influenster on the blog.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Influenster is, it’s a consumer product discovery platform that matches influencers and product lovers with things that might make a great match for their lifestyles. So, at any time you could be matched to try out beauty products, foodie items, small appliances etc.

People can leave reviews about the stuff they’ve tried or they can shop for something new. It’s a good way to discover new brands or newly launched products and it’s right up my alley, because it’s totally free.

I’ve been a member of Influenster for years. Over the years I’ve posted about the different boxes I received (when I remember to anyway 🙂 ) and shared my opinions on the things I’ve tried. You can check out some of my other box reviews by clicking here


Influenster Darling Vox Box | NaturallyStellar
Influenster Darling Vox Box – Spring 2017 | NaturallyStellar.com

Dazzle VoxBox – What’s Inside?


First up is the Gold Bond Ultimate Hydrating Cream – Radiance Renewal Cream Oil – $7.99. It’s a 24 hour moisturizer that nourishes and exfoliates dry skin.  The formula has coconut oil, cocoa butter and African shea butter as well as gentle exfoliants to help remove dead skin cells. I snapped a pic of the ingredients so you can see what’s inside. I’m all about transparency when it comes to beauty products. 

Dazzle VoxBox Influenster | Naturally Stellar

Dazzle VoxBox Influenster | Naturally Stellar


Now let’s move on to the hair products.  This box came with 2 hair products for repairing and adding a little dazzle to our hair.

Let’s check out Clairol Professional’s iThrive Keratin Split End Repair – $9.99.  It’s a creme that you put on your hair while it’s damp, to help with split-end repair. It has Panthenol and Hydrolized Silk in the ingredients, as well as parabens. So, if you’re trying to stay away from parabens, this may not be for you.

Dazzle VoxBox Influenster | Naturally Stellar

I’m gonna give it a try. My hair could use a little TLC and special attention right now so wash day, this week, will be the perfect time for me to test it out.

Also included in the Dazzle VoxBox is Clairol Professional Jazzing Semi-Permanent & Temporary Hair Color – $6.49. From what I’ve been researching about the Jazzing hair color shades is that they leave a shiny-sheer color effect on natural, color, permed and relaxed hair.  You can get a temporary effect by applying the color according to directions, without heat. If you want the semi-permanent effect you’d just use heat during the process, for longer lasting results.  This hair color formula is ammonia and peroxide free. 

Dazzle VoxBox Influenster | Naturally Stellar

I won’t be dyeing my hair any time soon as I’m currently doing regular henna treatments to help strengthen and thicken my fine natural hair.  But I may try this color on a wig or some extensions to see how well it colors dark hair. The color looks really great on some of the models on Clairol’s website, so I’m anxious to see this perform in “real life”. 

More Free Stuff

Last but not least, is a dope coupon for FREE stuff from Sally Beauty.  This is cool because if I end up liking the iThrive, I can go get another free one with my coupon.  Plus, a free hair color. Coupons are always cool. Good lookin’ out Influenster. 

Dazzle VoxBox Influenster | Naturally Stellar

Dazzle VoxBox Influenster | Naturally Stellar

Let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve shown you from the Dazzle VoxBox and as always, leave me a comment!

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Are you ready to dazzle this Spring?  What new beauty products are you excited about?

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