Toddler Room Makeover and Major Spring Cleaning – Part 1

Spring cleaning around our house means a total overhaul on bedrooms and I’m starting with my daughter’s room. When we moved into our new apartment last winter, the plan was to decorate the kids bedrooms. But life takes over and sometimes you just don’t seem to have the time or energy to tackle home projects.  So this toddler room makeover and cleaning is well overdue.

Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar

Spring Cleaning Motivation

To get started, I joined a really good Spring Cleaning Challenge being hosted by lifestyle blogger, Kenya Rae. I needed a little motivation to keep me going and focused. I’ll be going room by room and taking things slow so I don’t overwhelm myself. If you want to get a jump on spring cleaning and organizing your home, this is a great group to join

One of the major things I needed to tackle in my daughter’s room before anything else was her closet.  This thing is full of clothes, toys, baby gear and storage bins full of random stuff. This is a work in progress that will start with downsizing what she actually needs.  A lot of the items in here will be donated or sold to consignment. 

Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar

That pile of stuff you see is actually a clear vacuum seal bag full of baby items on top of 1 of 3 storage totes in her closet. 

Now Onto The Toddler Room Makeover

Now, I’m not necessarily starting from scratch on this toddler room makeover.  I have done little things to try to spruce up the walls in her room and recently bought a new convertible crib with storage drawers, so she could upgrade from her pack n play bed.   Here are the wall projects I did for her room last Spring.  They were pretty simple and still relevant to what I plan on doing with her space now. 

Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar
Upgrade from pack n play to convertible crib – toddler room

This is the color scheme I’m sticking to, but I may switch out the brown color for something else.  The brown used to represent furniture in her room like her bookshelf and parts of her pack n play. But since we’re going for a NEW look, we’ll need to reconsider that brown. 

Create your own color palette for your projects by using this free app from Coolors. Just type in in your browser, it’s really easy to use



Baller On A Budget

Next, I set a small budget and started gathering decor items each week, from some pretty inexpensive places like Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot.  You’d be surprised at all the little hidden gems you can score in those place for under $5.  Like these! 


Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar
The Mirrors were $5 each, the photo was $3 and the decorative metal pencil holder was $1 – Target Dollar Spot

Fun Fact:  Did you know you can buy from the Target Dollar Spot aka Bullseye’s Playground online and through your Cartwheel app? Yup! All you gotta do is Click Here

We even managed to grab some nice bright-colored storage bins and Springy wall decorations at Dollar Tree. My baby fell in love with these pink butterflies and she picked out the decorative butterfly box to store some hair accessories, which was a great choice to go along with her bedroom color scheme. 

Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar
We’ll be using storage bins to organize our bookshelf and the mint basket will be used as a cute waste basket.


Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar
These felt classroom decorations are perfect for sprucing up a little girl’s bedroom.


Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar
Dollar Tree had cute springy keepsake boxes for $1

We’re constantly battling with finding space for things so I bought these double wall hooks so we could hang up things like her raincoat and diaper bag. Any little things with handles that we’d like to get up and out-of-the-way, can now be better organized and always easy to find. 

The command strips were for the felt decorations and lighter objects so we can minimize damage to the walls of our rental. 

Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of our toddler room makeover and show you what I did to the walls so far.  My next post will focus on the drapery, my progress with her closet, finishing touches and a few tips on ways to keep your toddler’s new room clean. 

Wish List Items

I’d like to set up a little reading/creativity corner with a cute round rug and this activity table.  She really needs a place to sit and read her books or color, so I thought this would be a great choice. Not only are the colors compatible, but the chairs look comfy and there’s plenty of space for her to scribble.

Sage kids table and chair set

B. Spaces Kids Activity Table –

Sweet JOJO Photo Board

Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar
This way I can hang all her favorite photos without her being able to grab or rip them. It’ll keep everything organized.

If you have a spring cleaning project or makeover going on let me know in the comments!


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Toddler Room Makeover with Spring Cleaning | Naturally Stellar


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