I am all about the Wig Life in every season. If you’re new to wearing wigs or are looking to get back into wearing them regularly, I’m sharing one of my favorite short wigs and giving you a few tips on how to maintain your hair underneath.

Short Wig Style Inspiration - Sensationnel Fab Fringe | Naturally Stellar

Short Wigs Can Be Sexy, Classy and Fun

Wigs can be a great time saver and alternative hairstyle to spice up your week. They’re perfect for protective styling, saving time and for adding that final touch to a fabulous outfit.

On top of all of that, they’re fun!  I love being able to switch up my style in a matter of minutes.  I also love being able to rock styles that are undetectable.  The variety of styles & textures available now is endless, and you don’t need to spend hundreds to get a quality wig. 

If you’ve been wanting to experiment with short wigs this is a great one to start with! Can you believe I only spent $27 on this wig?!

Fab Fringe – Bump Wig Collection by Sensationnel

I call this one my Boo Boo Kitty wig lol.  If you watch Empire, then you know who I’m talking about.  This is Fab Fringe in color 1b. This is by Sensationnel and it’s a part of their Bump Wig collection.  Bump, meaning its pre-curled with a light bump of the flat-iron.  This is a full cap short wig with only 1 comb at the nape, adjustable straps in the back and soft felt lining along the front hairline.

Sensationnel Bump Wig Fab Fringe | Naturally Stellar

Sensationnel Bump Wig Fab Fringe | I love the versatility of this short wig and how you can style it in many ways. It’s 100% human hair and pre-bumped right out of the packaging.


Sensationnel Bump Wig Fab Fringe | Naturally Stellar

Sensationnel Bump Wig Fab Fringe | The texture of the hair on this wig is very natural looking. It’s super easy to style with a flat-iron.


Sensationnel Bump Wig Fab Fringe | Naturally Stellar

Sensationnel Fab Fringe 1b | This wig is layered nicely and the nape looks very natural.

This wig comes in a variety of colors and accents.  I’m thinking of getting the Fall Leaf unit next because those colors are too fly!  Here’s the link to get this unit and it is eligible for Prime, so you can get it within 2 days if you have an Amazon Prime account. http://amzn.to/2eMzm9K

Natural Hair Care For Wig Wearers

Maintaining Your Hair Under Your Wig

These are my top tips for maintaining healthy hair underneath your wigs.  It’s important to follow a good regimen to care for your hair.  Doing so can help avoid common issues like dryness, breakage and alopecia from braid tension. 

  • Conditioning treatments are crucial
  • Braid with low tension on your cornrows
  • Simple vertical braids are all you need for partless curly lace fronts
  • If wearing a curly lace front, be sure to leave out some hair around your edges, to blend in with your wigs hairline.
  • Follow the care instructions for your particular wig and wash/condition it on a regular basis
  • Protect your hair at night by wrapping with a satin scarf or use a satin pillowcase
  • Never sleep in your wigs

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Short Wig Style Inspiration - Sensationnel Fab Fringe | Naturally Stellar

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