2017 was an exciting, tough and tragic year for me. Exciting, because I was able to see the fruits of my hard work pay off in ways that made me and my family proud.  But it was tough trying to run a business full-time, while balancing being a stay at home mom.  Then, tragedy for me fell in the last quarter of 2017.  It was filled with loss, pain and sorrow, something I hope I don’t have to feel anew for a very long time.  God willing.

How Binge Watching Helped Me Find My Theme Word For 2018 | Naturally Stellar

My theme word for 2018 is Remarkable

The word Remarkable is defined as: Observable, worthy of notice or attention. or notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary. – Dictionary.com

Someone or something that is remarkable is unusual or special in a way that makes people notice them and be surprised or impressed. – Collins English Dictionary

My Theme Word For 2018 | Naturally Stellar

How I came up with my theme word for 2018

First, let me give credit to Lucrecer Braxton of Lucrecer Braxton Creative for sparking my brainstorming session and inspiring me to pick a dope word (plus anchor words) to fuel my new year.

One of the things that helped me to cope/get by these last few months, has been bingeing on some of my streaming watch lists. It kept my mind off of the everyday situations and quiet time that sometimes brings on sadness.  I don’t think I’ve ever been grateful for TV, like I’ve been these last few months.

Binge Watching The Crown

Well, one of the shows I’ve binged on lately is The Crown.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s the story of Queen Elizabeth II. The series shows the life of the monarchy from around 1940 until modern days. You can watch all of Seasons 1 & 2 (UK Version) on Netflix. 

Anyway, *Spoiler Alert* in season 2, there’s an episode where JFK & Jackie Kennedy come to Buckingham Palace for a visit. Jackie O was the center of attention from the time she stepped foot out of her car onto royal soil.  She was beautiful, poised, impeccably dressed and had personality to match.  All eyes were on her, including the eyes of Prince Phillip.

The Queen wasn’t having that.  She was already feeling a bit inadequate about her mom bod and unsure of herself. There was no way she was gonna be upstaged in her own palace.  So, she politely led Jackie away on a private tour of the palace and for some sister girl talk time.  You know the kind of convo where you’re being sized up by an opponent?  Anyway, both the Queen and Jackie O end up liking each other. They really hit it off.  Eventually they walked away impressed by and admiring each other.

My Theme Word For 2018 | Naturally Stellar

Everything was fine and dandy until the shizzle hit the fan later that week.

One day while chilling with her sister Princess Margaret, Margaret made a statement that she heard from a mutual friend that there were words spoken about the Queen at a party, but it was nothing to worry about.  So the Queen summons this childhood buddy. He reports back that some harsh words were spoken by Jackie O, at a high society dinner shortly after her visit to Buckingham Palace.  Words about the Queen, the palace and the monarchy.  One of the disses that Jackie O belted out was that the Queen was “unintelligent & unremarkable”.

So the queen went to work showing everybody just how “unremarkable” she was. She flew to Ghana, against her cabinet’s wishes, for a diplomatic visit with the president of Ghana. While there, she dazzled the world by dancing the Foxtrot with him.   

Of course Jackie had to come back to Britain soon, with her tail between her legs and some PR about having had too many drinks on the night in question. She also shared how her husband was a cheater and that they both were high on drugs.   Now, I’m not too sure how historically factual all of this is, but that word unremarkable, stayed on my mind for a few days.  I kept thinking, how shy, quiet and boring do you have to be to be considered un-remarkable?  

I plan on rocking 2018 in ways that show people just how remarkable I am.  I’m not saying this to brag.  I’m saying this as an affirmation.  It’s time that I stop NOT letting people know about the things I’m really good at.  Sharing my accomplishments in things that matter to me shouldn’t stir up “should I?” or “what will people think?” questions. It’s just stating facts that I excel. 


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Do you have a theme word for the year?  Share yours in the comments.


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12 Responses

  1. Kita

    So Remarkable has to be one of the best words of the year I’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for you. After my big loss of my husband, I got to work getting my finances and house situation in order. And yep I binged on my shows for comfort. Do you and I hope your year is shaping up to be remarkable.

  2. Courtney CJ

    My word is actually a phrase, “the takeover”. I am definitely trying to lean into my power more and get out of my introverted shell that causes me not to self-promote. It’s time to stop being shy and start shattering ceilings. Best of luck in your 2018!

  3. rukunitl

    Love this post! I am a huge fan of theme words of the year, words of the day, and affirmations all across the board! My theme word for 2018 keeps changing, but I love yours Remarkable is very powerful!

  4. terrihugg

    I think this may be my favorite “word of the year” yet. And I love how you came up with it!

  5. Kiwi

    my theme word for the year is Power. The power of believe in your own power can help you manifest great things!

  6. Lauren R Gay

    Love your word for 2018. I haven’t started off the year in the greatest of places either so I can totally relate. I look forward to seeing how remarkable you are throughout the rest of the year and reading about all of the remarkable things that you do!

  7. Sheena Steward

    I don’t have a theme word for the year, but I love that yours is remarkable. Your energy and hustle is great so I have no doubt this year will be remarkable and then some. I keep saying I’m gonna watch the crown lol.


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