This week I’m gonna show you some ways to take care of you, clever ways to eliminate embarrassing odors and a nice beauty giveaway to top it all off.  I hope you’ll all find something useful in this post to make our lives as moms easier.  Welcome to the next installment of  Clever Life Hacks For Rock Star Moms Roundup: Week 2.

Clever Life Hacks For Rock Star Moms | Naturally Stellar



Like I mentioned in our first week, this list of life hacks won’t all be “How To’s”. There will be a nice mix of tips and interesting news thrown in there for you.  So, if you discover something that really helps you out or makes your day, tell me about it.    Leave a comment below and be sure to share these life hacks with another mom.  

Clever Life Hacks You Should Know

Life Hack #1: Poop that doesn’t stink

You don’t ever have to be ashamed of going #2 in a shared or public bathroom again.  Check these out. Toilies personal air fresheners can be dropped on the water surface in your toilet bowl, right before you take care of business.  It will disappear completely but leave behind freshness.   What sets this apart from those other toilet fresheners and sprays is that you use this BEFORE you go. So, there’s no need to touch any air freshener cans or toilet sprays after going.  I mean think about it.  How many times are those things touched by the dirty hands of toilet goer’s? Yuck!

Clever Life Hacks For Rock Star Moms | Naturally Stellar

These are better for the environment too. They’re made with essential oils so there’s no harsh chemicals or propellants.

You can also use these around the home in closets, drawers, diaper pails, litter boxes, stinky shoes or wherever you need a little freshness.

A Pack of 10 Toilies is just $6.50

Clever Life Hacks For Rock Star Moms | Naturally Stellar

For more info:


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Life Hack #2: Self Care Made Easy

A mama’s job is never done and sick days are out of the question. But there’s a lot that we can do to take better care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.  Jen at Cuddles and Chaos is sharing 3 ways that you can give yourself some tender loving care.

Clever Life Hacks For Rock Star Moms Week 2 | Naturally Stellar


Life Hack #3: Cool New Way To Pay For Movie Tickets

You may have already heard about and use ticket services like Fandango to pre-order movie tickets.  But did you know that you can now pay for those tickets using Google Pay?  Yup! Fandango is rolling out Google Pay (which includes Google Wallet and Android Pay) as a new digital payment option on their mobile, online and social ticketing platform.

Get $5 off your next movie ticket by using code: GooglePay2018 at Fandango checkout. (Offer available while supplies last, with a limit of one code per person; see Fandango for details.) 

So for all of ya’ll looking to save on those Black Panther tickets, here’s an option!  If you havent’ seen the trailer for Black Panther yet ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓ Watch on YouTube:

For more info check out:

Life Hack #4:  Winter Lip Care

This week on my Facebook fan page I shared 4 tips on how to keep your lips beautiful and supple this winter. These are really quick and easy, so if you keep these in mind and stay consistent with them, you’ll form a great beauty habit.  I’m a little rusty doing FB lives, so don’t mind my nervousness.  I just gotta get used to being behind the camera again. 

Click here if unable to view video below:

Life Hack #5:  New Ways To Be A Better Mom + Fenty Beauty Giveaway

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need reminders by way of a “let’s keep it real” approach,  to keep my #momlife in check. Sanaa of A Mom That Sleeps is giving us 5 tips to help us be a better mom in 2018.  Then after getting all of her great advice, be sure to enter her giveaway.   She’s offering up a $25 Fenty Beauty Giftcard to 1 lucky mama. 

Clever Life Hacks For Rock Star Moms | Naturally Stellar

I hope you’ll come back next week to check out my latest set of curated life hacks for Rock Star Moms. 

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