6 Ways To Germ Proof Your Home This Season

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., Breathe Right, DIAL®, Halls, Kleenex, Theraflu and TYLENOL®. All opinions are mine alone. #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias There’s no way I’m letting germs take over my household this season. I have no patience with having to take care of sick kids or a sick hubby. Mama has “thangs” to do!  So if you feel like me, here are 6 ways that I germ proof my home.

6 Ways To Germ Proof Your Home #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar

How To Germ Proof Your Home


Clean and sanitize remotes and electronics

One of the best ways to germ proof for the season, is to gather up all of your remote controls and mobile devices, including game controllers.  Give each one a good wipe with either an antibacterial wipe or warm slightly damp dust free cloth.  Let them air dry.

If using a damp cloth only, then this will be a 2 part process. After air drying, spray a dry cloth with disinfectant and wipe down each piece.

Keep your home germ free #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar
Don’t forget to germ proof by sanitizing your electronics, devices and remotes.

Make sure they dry completely before using.  Don’t forget to wipe down other electronics like cell phones, TV’s, tablets, game consoles, computer keyboards and laptops.


Change your filters in your AC/Central Air units. 

Making sure the air in your home is as clean as possible and dust/allergen free can help prevent nasal congestion and other seasonal problems.  Adding a hepa filter to your home and changing your AC/Central Air filters are great ways to do that.

In my case, because I live in an apartment, I can simply call maintenance to change my filter for me. You know, because I’m fancy. LOL!! But in my previous apartment, this was something my hubby and I had to do regularly. 

6 Ways To Germ Proof Your Home #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar

Find out what model number and size your filter is.  Write it down. Most replacement filters can be purchased online or in-store at your local home improvement store. They are normally pretty easy to remove and replace. Consult your owner’s manual if necessary or google your model number for video tutorials and online manuals.

Another way to keep the air flow going while you sleep is to use Breathe Right Strips.  As the wife of a hubby who can tear down walls with his snoring, I can attest to their effectiveness for reducing snoring and keeping nasal passages open.  My household stays stocked with these!

6 Ways To Germ Proof Your Home #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar

Sanitize toys quick and easy with steam

Give toys a quick clean by wiping them with a damp cloth.  Gather up any toys that are dishwasher safe.  Thin plastic toys should go on the upper rack to prevent damage.  Thick plastic like those shown below can go on the bottom rack. DO NOT add any detergent. Turn on the dishwasher and set it to hot water with heat dry.

Keep your home germ free #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar

The hot water and steam from the dishwasher will sanitize the toys.

Spray down doorknobs and handles with disinfectant

Door knobs and handles are a regular hot spot for germs. You can start by wiping down your door knobs with hot soapy water, dry them and give them a good spray with disinfectant. Let it air dry before using. 

Keep your home germ free #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar

There are lot of good aerosol sprays on the market now. Plus brands are looking for innovative ways to provide effectiveness without harsh chemicals.  Just do your homework and choose a spray that works for your home life.

Refresh dish sponges and hand towels

Can’t remember the last time you bought a new dish sponge? Then that means it’s probably time for another one. Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria especially if you don’t sanitize it (by microwaving it) on a regular basis, or you’re like me and sometimes let it sit in water overnight.

You can reuse your old sponge by repurposing it for dirty jobs, like cleaning toilets or scrubbing trash cans.  Otherwise, just toss it.

Keep your home germ free #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar
Germ proof your home by swapping out your sponges and dish cloths.

Remember whenever you buy a new sponge you need to rinse it well before using it on your dishes, especially with baby items.

Hand towels get the same treatment.  If it’s been a few days you may need to replace it with a clean one and toss the old ones in the wash. Make sure to rotate your hand towels often or simply use disposable paper towels.


Keep bathrooms stocked with handsoap, remedies & medications

As always you want to make sure to encourage everyone to thoroughly wash their hands. For younger kids you can turn hand washing into a game by having them sing a song while washing. That way when the song is over, they will have completely washed and dried their hands. Instead of the quick rinse and go! Ya’ll parents know what I’m talking about 😀

Keep your home germ free #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar
Dial Complete Pear Foaming Hand Wash leaves your hands feeling soft and hydrated.

I recommend using a handwash that takes care of your skin while germ proofing your family. Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash is antibacterial and kills 99.99% of germs.  This is a great option for everyone in the family and it comes in some really nice scents like pear, white tea and spring water. My favorite is the pear because it smells REALLY good. 

Next, you should stock your medicine cabinet with a good variety of remedies.  If you have someone who prefers liquid over pills, you don’t want to be unprepared should a seasonal illness happen.

Another thing to keep available in the bathroom and around your home is plenty of tissue for all those runny noses and sneezes.

6 Ways To Germ Proof Your Home #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar
Kleenex Anti-viral is super soft and you only need 1 tissue. The cool thing is it kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses right in the tissue.

I hope these tips will give you and yours some relief this season.

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Keep your home germ free #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar

Keep your home germ free #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar

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6 Ways To Germ Proof Your Home #HappilyStocked | Naturally Stellar

Easy Ways To Germ Proof Your Home | Naturally Stellar


Got any tips on germ-proofing? How are you staying germ free this season?

  1. Love that you do your door knobs. My kids know that is one of their chores every night. Hands carry the most germs. I have a germ proof kit with everything you have in yours. I have one in the kitchen and another in our linen closet close the bathrooms.

  2. I’m always amazed at how gross humans are. And how incredibly gross little folks are. They don’t even think about how many germs they carry from doing everyday things. Thanks for the reminder to wipe down our Wii and PS4 remotes.

  3. Great Tips!!! I’m about to go wipe down the door handles I always forget this one but its a breeding ground for germs!

  4. Such great tips. I normally wipe doorknobs and remotes when I travel, I need to incorporate this practice into my home as well. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  5. I may adopt some of these practices for my job because things spread like wildfires here. Clients come in sick and pass it along to everyone. This is a really informative post, good read.

  6. These are such great tips/reminders. Things we use every single day but just forget to sanitize. Today I’ll be wiping down the electronics for sure.

  7. I liked this post. I definitely needed the reminder to wipe down my remotes. And I see both of us are living in luxury as we call the maintenance people to change our air filters. The perks of renting an apartment LOL

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