Get Outside and Explore With Your Kids This Fall

I told my son that next month, I’m taking him and his sister apple picking. The first word out of his mouth was “Why?”

Followed by, “Can’t we just buy them from the store?”  

See. This is why we really need to get outdoors more and experience nature. Our kids (or should I say kid?) have grown accustomed to city life and modern conveniences, to the point of becoming indifferent to how things are made or where they come from.  I seriously couldn’t believe this dude’s response. Like, whose child is this?

Getting outdoors for fall | Naturally Stellar

When I was a kid, I used to get excited every time my mom took me and my brothers to the apple orchard.  Growing up in upstate NY, apples are plenty. Good apple cider is everywhere in the stores from local farms.  I can still remember us coming home with big boxes of apples.  My mom would make all types of apple stuff. We’d have baked apples or fresh apple pie. You know the deep dish kind with the dope crust. Yeah, that was us.

I want my kids to have great fall memories too.  So that means putting the electronics and toys down and getting outdoors.


Get Outside and Explore With Your Kids This Fall


This weekend I forced my son into the car and took him and his sister for a drive.  We took a few country roads to get to downtown Franklin, TN.  This time we set out to explore Franklin’s Bicentennial Park for a bit.  The section shown below is Point Park , which has a nice walkway and observation area that overlooks the Harpeth River.

Getting outside for fall | Naturally Stellar
Point Park / Franklin, TN | Naturally Stellar


Getting outside for fall | Naturally Stellar
Point Park / Franklin, TN | Naturally Stellar

After a nice walk, we ventured across the street from the walkway to check out Reed’s Produce & Garden Center. Their outside stands are full of fall fruits and vegetable.   I wasn’t really a fan of the peaches or plums I saw, but they had a TON of gorgeous tomatoes and pumpkins of all types and sizes.  

Getting outdoors for fall | Naturally Stellar


Getting outside for fall | Naturally Stellar

Getting outdoors for fall | Naturally Stellar
Reed’s Produce & Grocery Center – Franklin, TN | Naturally Stellar

Inside is a no frills market with a lot of homemade canned goods like preserves, jellies and jams.  I also saw small baskets of Muscadine grapes on the counter.  I couldn’t resist when I saw this jar of homemade Strawberry Banana Butter on one of the shelves.  The toddler and I love to get our warm butter toast on in the mornings so this will be a nice touch for breakfast.

Getting outdoors for fall | Naturally Stellar


Getting outdoors for fall | Naturally Stellar

For those of you parents that have kids that act (pretend) like mine.  Clueless. Do something about it.  Set some goals to get outside this fall and do some exploring. Discover something new where you live and use harvest times to teach your kids about produce, how it’s grown and what tasty things can be made from fresh foods.

Things To Do Outdoors With Your Kids This Fall

Lucky Ladd Farms Corn Pit | Naturally Stellar
A little bonding in the corn – Lucky Ladd Farms, Eagleville, TN | Naturally Stellar


Lucky Ladd Farms – Eagleville, TN | Naturally Stellar
  • Go nature hiking
  • Apple picking
  • Picnics in the park
  • Fall photo shoots
  • Window Shopping
  • Hay rides
  • Create your own sidewalk art
  • Leaf art
  • Attend Football games
  • Collect pine cones and leaves for indoor crafts
  • Go to the playground
Black History Lesson Resources For Kids | Naturally Stellar
Fall Fun at the playground 2016 | Naturally Stellar


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What kinds of things do you like to do outdoors in the Fall?

  1. We went outside yesterday and did one and two year old pictures and the weather was beautiful! I will definitely be taking the grand girls outside to various parks to enjoy…I love this type of weather. Thanks for sharing and encouraging.

  2. I need to do get outside and enjoy Fall. The only problem is that it’s 90 degrees here in Cali and not feeling much like Fall but I will make a point to visit the pumpkin patch.

  3. Love this! We try to get outside as often as we can even in the Fall, I love picking the Apples and exploring the leaves and trees! Kids will remember these small trips when they get older.

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