Easy Entrees and A Side Dish Fall Roundup

One of the common complaints of people who prefer not to cook during the week is, they don’t know what to make. Many times, they run out of ideas for side dishes to pair with their entrees.   So to tackle both of those problems, I put together a nice roundup of a flavorful side dish and easy entrees that you can add to your weekly fall menus.

Easy Entrees and A Side Dish Fall Roundup | Naturally Stellar

First, Let’s Check Out Some Easy Entrees

Zatarains | Easy Entrees and Side Dish Roundup | Naturally Stellar
Zatarains | Easy Entrees and Side Dish Roundup | Naturally Stellar

I’m gonna start off by showing you some delightfully spicy dishes to boost morale at your dinner table.  This first one is a meal option by Zatarain’s and can be easily customized with your favorite meat.   Check out this super delicious Jambalaya dinner.  This is really a 1 dish meal. But, I always like to pair mine with a veggie. Some good vegetable options are garlic butter green beans, steamed broccoli or corn. 

Easy Entrees and Side Dish Roundup | Naturally Stellar
Easy Entrees and Side Dish Roundup | Naturally Stellar


Quiche is another great entree to add to your weekly menu.  Not only are many variations easy to make, but this can be served for dinner, breakfast or lunch.  Another reason to add this to your list is it works out great for meal planning since some of the staple ingredients are already on hand in many kitchens anyway. My Spinach & Bacon Quiche recipe yields 2 9-inch pies.  I usually devour half of 1 of them.  

The Perfect Spinach Bacon Quiche - Easy Entrees | Naturally Stellar
The Perfect Spinach Bacon Quiche | Naturally Stellar

This is a pretty popular dish on the menu at my house.  It’s really easy to make and quick. My 2 favorite things.  All you will need is some smoked sausage, an onion and a bag of potatoes o’brien.  Get ready to be hooked on Bacon Smoked Sausage O’brien

Bacon Smoked Sausage Obrien | Naturally Stellar
Your kids will go crazy over Bacon Smoked Sausage O’brien, one of my fav’s.

Side Dish Inspiration

I believe in stocking up on sides, both fresh and packaged.  That way I’m never at a loss trying to figure out what to pair with a meal.   So I load up on things like different varieties of rice, frozen veggies (steamable packages are perfect time savers) and fresh veggies.  Some of my favorite fresh vegetables to fill my fridge with are carrots, squash, broccoli and asparagus spears.  Also, I almost always have something available with cheese in it, like a quick mac & cheese or some au gratin potatoes.

This Cilantro Lime Rice by Zatarain’s goes best with seafood or tacos.  But I sometimes like to pair mine with chicken. Things I like to add to it are onions, a little garlic and I substitute chicken broth for water, when preparing.

Easy Entrees and Side Dish Roundup | Naturally Stellar
Easy Entrees and Side Dish Roundup | Naturally Stellar

I hope this post helps with your fall meal planning and sparks some ideas for tasty meals for your table.  As always drop me a comment about anything you see here and if you have questions about meal planning, feel free to ask those as well. 

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What are some of your favorite easy entrees and sides?


  1. I like zatarains but I have found that is is very salty. I wonder how the cilantro lime rice taste, it sounds good. Never tried to make quiche. The sausage o brien looks like that could easily be one of my favorite as well.

    1. Omg, quiche is really easy to make. You should try it! I agree about the Zatarains. What I do is add a few pinches of brown sugar to their red beans & rice (jambalaya too) and it solves that issue. It really balances out the taste imo.

  2. Zatarains stays on rotation in our house. The dirty rice is the base for my own dirty rice that my mother in law taught me how to make.

  3. That sausage and rice looks so good! The weather is beginning to change. So I’ll be back in the kitchen again, unfortunately.

  4. Ooh, these look delicious! I’m working on my grocery list right now and I’ll have to keep some of these dishes in mind.

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