Last summer I wrote this post.  I was in the thick of my seasonal hustle and for some reason I never got around to sharing this.   But, I know this will inspire some of you to keep working hard, no matter what’s going on around you. Last summer’s grind made it possible for me to do more with my family this year. So, I want to encourage you, that it’s never too late in the year to focus on your goals.

Working Through Summer To Get Ahead | Naturally Stellar

How many of you are working a seasonal or summer job?  I keep seeing posts about people taking all these fantastic summer trips with their families or traveling to exotic places with their homegirls. I feel myself getting just a little jelly.  Man I would love to be able to do that right now!  Who wouldn’t?  I’d love to be able to just cool out on some white sand sipping an equally delicious and highly intoxicating drink.  But I’m trying to play it smart this season and really buckle down for the summer if I want to get ahead.

Get Ahead: Working Hard Through Summer | Naturally Stellar

What I’m Working Hard On

I’ve been brainstorming new blog posts and content ideas, familiarizing myself with my new camera and doing as much research I can on growing my influencer network for multi-cultural bloggers.  I have places I want to visit as a family in the fall and conferences that I’d like to attend in 2017, but I realize that I have to make some sacrifices this summer if I want to make those things happen.

That also means I have to use this time to get ahead and stay focused on my goals, for the rest of the year.


I Got A Summer Job

I recently decided to take on a night job with a major online retailer.  It’s not working in an office like in my former days, but the schedule is flexible, the pay is decent and there’s a lot of perks that come with the job that will help me reach my personal goals.

For instance, it’s a manual labor job in a distribution center, that’s really fast paced and the dress code is really relaxed.  So that means I can wear my workout gear to work and get in a good workout 5 times a week.   They also promote hydration on the job, so that means I’ll be drinking a hell of a lot more water than I’m currently drinking. This will help me reach my health and beauty goals.  The pay is weekly, so it will make it easier to pay off some debt I’ve been wanting to tackle and hoping one of my creditors will accept a pay off offer.

Working Through Summer To Get Ahead | Naturally Stellar

Check out my stylish work safety gear 😉

A Job Is Just A Job

I’ve always had the mindset that a job is just a job.  Use it for whatever you need it for and don’t be afraid to let it go if you need to.   I know that may not sound wise to those that rely on their jobs to feed their families or cover insurance, but my entrepreneurial mind will probably never succumb to the concept of working a 9-5.  Maybe it’s because I’ve done it for so many years and then experienced being without a job and working for myself, but I do see the benefits in being able to pick up a job during a slow season.  It’s just smart and a great way to gain some new skills while making extra money.

Get Ahead: Working Through Summer

When most people’s minds are set on how to wind down and relax for the summer, mine is just getting started brainstorming new ways of improving my blog, saving money, paying off debts and financing my goals for fall.  There is a sacrifice in time that I could be spending on a nice hot beach somewhere and maybe even more time I could be spending travelling with my kids or visiting family, but I’m cool with it if it will mean more of everything in the end.

I think the thing I love the most about being self-employed is having the flexibility to go to work when I need to and leave the “regular check” job when business is booming.

You Can Do It

I want to encourage you.  Whether you’re a work at home parent, a corporate mama, a 9 to 5er, or a seasonal worker. Every day is another opportunity to work at your financial and personal goals.  Make a plan that’s easy for you to stick to and do it.  I wanna hear all about how all of your hard work is paying off. 


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Are you working hard through Summer? What goals are you currently working on and how do you plan to accomplish it?

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