There are some things that I really don’t like to talk about or share on my blog.  One thing in particular is my daughter’s speech and language development.  In 2 weeks, my baby will be 2 years old and as of today, she only say’s 2 legible words.

My daughter doesn't speak at 2 years old | Naturally Stellar

It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it.  I’m sure there are other parents out there going through the same thing with their child.  This is just a subject that’s too fresh for me right now.  It’s painful watching my child struggle and not being able to do anything about it. But, that’s part of the reason why I’m pushing myself to share what’s going on, in the hopes that I can ease some other mom or dad’s worry…right now.

According to the experts and/or speech and language development charts, my daughter should be able to speak numerous words by now and put together 2 word combinations and questions such as, “more juice” and “where’s puppy?”.

My Baby’s Speech Development

As far as we can tell (we being me, the hubby and her pediatrician), she has no other developmental issues.  She’s extremely bright, has no problems understanding complex questions and has learned to communicate with her body language and simple sounds. She can hum her ABC’s, although she won’t say them.  Hums whatever nursery rhymes or songs we like to sing together. Physically, she’s ahead of the game.  So I’m just at a loss as to what could be causing her speech problems.

My 2 year old has a speech disorder | Naturally Stellar

My daughter’s first word before she turned 1 was “Da-da”.  Of course, I was a bit disturbed that her first word wasn’t mama considering I spent most of the time with her. But eventually she did blurt out the word “Mama” sometime after she turned 1 years old.  The issue now is…basically all she can say now is “Da-da”.   She won’t even say my name anymore and when she’s frustrated, she’ll hold all of her sounds inside.  So all you’ll hear are muffled syllables of sounds or even what I’ve determined to be sentences.

My daughter doesn't speak at 2 years old | Naturally Stellar

My beautiful little side-eye queen

I’m a patient parent.   I know that kids minds are like sponges at this age and their development can be all over the place, as each child is different.  Some walk, talk and potty train earlier than others.  So I wasn’t really concerned around her 1 year mark. But as we grew closer to 18 months, I started realizing that something wasn’t right.  At the very least she should have been able to say a few words.

My daughter doesn't speak at 2 years old | Naturally Stellar

My baby at 6 months old | Naturally Stellar

I knew that she could understand us perfectly fine, but something was preventing her from mouthing words or sounds that made sense.

Sometimes I Cry

There are days when I feel like such a failure as a mom.  I mean, how can this be?  I’m a stay at home mom.  I spend nearly every waking hour with my daughter during the week.   We read together, sing together and play games to help her reach her developmental milestones. This is my little buddy.  My royal pain in the butt. My sunshine.   How can my daughter not be able to speak when I know that she understands every word I say to her?  When we read, I know she understands and can point to whatever object I ask of her.

My daughter doesn't speak at 2 years old | Naturally Stellar

Saige at around 10 months. | Naturally Stellar


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What no one knows is, how often I pray for God to remove whatever obstacle is trying to prevent her greatness or how often I cry about it. But I know that crying isn’t going to help her.   I have to be strong, keep a smile on my face when she’s around and advocate for her in any way that I can.

I’ve tested to see if maybe she had some sort of hearing issues. Even to the point of whispering things outside of her view to see if she’ll respond and she does.  We finally got her in to an Audiologist last week. Her hearing evaluation went great, so we now know that hearing isn’t an issue at all.  Her ability to hear is perfect.  Of course, her nearly 2-year-old “listening to mommy” skills are questionable, but listening vs. hearing is another story.  Oh if only there was a doctor for that and tantrums lol.

Next Steps

Our next steps are to get her in to see a speech pathologist and get an assessment done to determine where her issue may be coming from and if she needs speech therapy.  The medical center where she’ll receive her assessment is booked solid for the next few months.  So our appointment isn’t until the first week in October.

At this point.   I’m no longer patient. We can’t wait that long. I need to know what’s going on right now.

Since her Audiologist was in the same medical building as her Pediatric Speech and Hearing, I decided to stop downstairs on our way out last week, to see if we could get on a waitlist or something to get an earlier appointment, but no dice.   The receptionist was very helpful and spent about 2o minutes going through the schedule week by week to see if anyone has made a cancellation.  We couldn’t find any openings. That’s when she informed me that people come to Vanderbilt’s Hearing Center from all over, so it’s rare for a parent to cancel their hearing appointment.  So, she gave me a number to call from time to time, just in case someone cancels.

Our goal now is to look for whatever state or private programs or services are immediately available for children and get her connected.  Since my son also has a language disorder (he stutters) he already receives speech services in school but also has services available to him in-home if needed.  I think that would be the best route for my baby.

My daughter doesn't speak at 2 years old | Naturally Stellar

Speech and Language Disorder Resources For Parents

I want to encourage you moms and dads out there that are going through all of the questions or even beating yourselves up over your child’s speech development.

If you are struggling with this issue, here are some resources I’ve found that have been helping us to cope and understand a little more about the types of issues that could be going on with children like ours.  I don’t want to overwhelm you with a long list of resources, as there are plenty out there.  These are great places to start.  I hope these links will be helpful to you and help ease your worry.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

Dept. Health & Human Services – Speech and Language Milestone Chart

Speech and Language Kids


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Have you dealt with speech delay issues with your child/children? If so, how did you cope?

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12 Responses

  1. Jamie Van Cuyk

    I understand your frustration. My youngest is 21 1/2 months and she hardly talks. She does say a few more words than your child, but nothing like the other kids her age. My other daughter was speaking complex sentences by this age.

    Like your child, she fully understands what you are staying to her. She has an amazing memory as to where things are (like finding my keys she was playing with two hours earlier) and follows complex directions.

    I have not talked to a doctor yet because I’m giving it a little more time. My mom said I was a late talker so she might just get it from me. Plus, my best friend’s daughter who is 5 months older than mine was the same. She didn’t start talking until shortly after she turned two. I know that she was worried but one day everything changed.

    While she might just start talking one day, trust your gut and keep your appointments. It’s better to not need them than keep hoping for the best and needing them later.

    • Candice S.

      Thanks Jamie. Yes, I’m definitely trusting my gut. I had her doctor refer us for services, so I have her set up for an in-home evaluation next week. I’m not as nervous anymore. I have a feeling she’ll just start blabbing away any day now 🙂

  2. Carissa

    My daughter has a speech delay, she was also born with a cleft lip and palate and we thought this was the cause but its not. We have been im speech therapy since she was about 1.5 years old…we were told she has speech apraxia and thats basically when the brain and what wants to come out arent in sync. She has weekly therapy im school and out of school. Its been a LONG journey filled with sleepless nights and lots of tears…but thats okay!!! My daughter now talks more and everything isnt understandable but she’s come so far so we thank God daily, pray daily and go to speech weekly!! Im here if you ever need to talk or vent! We have been through multiple therapists and we finally have the best team ever now and we have seen the greatest improvements in her language! I can also share some tips on things we do at home for her language.

  3. Shameka Brown

    Stay strong, I have faith in God to guide you and Your daughter through this hard milestone, blessings always from my family to your family. I am handling a situation myself currently, had to come out of work and still have not made it back yet, my 2yr. old daughter just got diagnosed with diabetes 1 and no one in my family or his have that type, so stay strong God bless. ??

    • Candice S.

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that 🙁 . She is adorable too btw. Lifting you and your family up too. It’s always hard when the babies are going through things they don’t understand. I’m gonna stay strong, you stay strong too mama.

  4. Deborah Cochran

    Hello Candace, my prayers are with you and your husband. I don’t know what you’re going through I only can imagine. I miss you very much, stay in touch.

    Deb Cochran

  5. Sue

    Maybe you’ve already done this – but have you contacted Early Intervention in your area? You should be able to get a free evaluation and (if she qualifies) free services. I looked up Tennessee and it looks like services shift from EI to School-based at age 2, so maybe you can start with school-based services. I’m sorry if I’m telling you something that you already know, but just in case you hadn’t gotten connected yet, I wanted to make sure.

    • Candice S.

      Thanks Sue. That’s on my list for tomorrow morning. I appreciate you mentioning that because it’s helpful to a lot of parents.

  6. Candice S.

    Thank you Michelle. When I hear other parents say things like this it helps me so much. My daughter has her own form of communication too. She uses her hands a lot and relies on her brother to help her. She loves pulling our hands to take us to things she wants to show us or shakes her head “yes” or “no”. I know she’s just gonna burst out talking one day and never stop.

  7. Toya Stoudemire

    There are some things that just have to happen in their own time. As a parent, I know that it is a helpless feeling watching your child struggle and there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t you worry, she will speak. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Candice S.

      Thanks so much Toya, all the encouragement I’ve been getting today from moms has been great. I wish I wrote this a lot sooner because the feedback has really helped.

  8. Michelle D. Garrett

    I can so relate to your feelings! You described my youngest son to a T! It was so frustrating at times and my pediatrician did an awesome job alleviating my worries and fears. Having an older sibling, it seemed that he relied on his big brother to do all of his talking and he chose to communicate in other ways. A few months after his 3rd birthday, it was like he said enoughs enough and started going a mile a minute just out of the blue. The first time he spoke I literally stopped in shock. Sending positive thoughts your way!


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