You’ve spent years dealing with cringe-worthy online dating disasters and countless unreturned text messages—from both sides. But after everything, you finally met a diamond in the rough and he ticks all of the boxes: he’s smart, kind, has a great job, loves your mom and even likes your crazy friends. Well…okay, he doesn’t tick all of the boxes. Turns out, your dream man has awful style and thinks khaki cargo shorts with zip-off pant legs are cool. Fret not! You can easily revamp his closet without hurting his feelings if you follow these easy steps.

How To Revamp Your Guys Closet | Naturally Stellar

How To Revamp Your Guys Closet

Really Get to Know Him

You can’t give your guy a makeover if he is bound to immediately reject it. Which means you need to know him well enough to know what he would be willing to try. You need to work within a realm that he can still feel like himself in, not a realm that you feel like yourself in. If he feels the most comfortable in baggy jeans and sweatshirts, you probably don’t want to gift him red skinny jeans and a scarf. Remember, he is your partner, not your doll.

How To Revamp Your Guys Closet | Naturally Stellar

How To Revamp Your Guys Closet | Naturally Stellar

Man Crushes?

Does your guy have any celebrity crushes that are men? Men are feeling increasingly more comfortable owning up to having a “man crush” nowadays and their crush is usually reflective of the type of guy they would most like to emulate. Think about it, most men will admit to finding Ryan Gosling handsome—Gosling just so happens to have a very well-tailored wardrobe that hearkens back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. If your guy has a thing for an actor or musician, suggest wardrobe alternatives that align with the way that celebrity dresses. Not only will your man be more open to testing out clothing items he already associates with being cool.  He will probably be pretty pumped about it too! Especially, if you continually reinforce how amazing you think he looks. Need a little help gathering Hollywood-worthy threads? Check out TrunkClub and have stylish pieces delivered to him every month. 

Find New Jeans

Now, back to the guy who loves to wear baggy jeans. Since skinny jeans are probably out (and as they should be, since it’s not a good look for anyone over 19), you should suggest styles like straight-legged jeans, as they aren’t skin-tight or super baggy. Go for a classic brand, like Levi’s, and pick a solid dark blue that will match everything. Stay away from anything that is too trendy. For example, those awful fake-mud styles with the ripped knees.

How To Revamp Your Guys Closet | Naturally Stellar

How To Revamp Your Guys Closet | Naturally Stellar

Tackle the Shoes

The great thing about shoes is that they are incredibly versatile and most guys would love to have some dressier options sitting beside their sneakers, they just don’t know where to start. While some guys can pull off wearing Jordans one night, motorcycle boots the next and penny-loafers the night after that, not all of them can. And the wrong pair of shoes can kill an otherwise impeccable ensemble – like sandals (keep them on the beach, guys!). When encouraging him to branch out, take the same approach as you did for jeans and go for classic looks and brands. Check out Adidas, Nike and Converse, all offering a bevy of options that work for any casual look. Once he’s ready for some dressier options, make sure he goes with other definitive looks and cuts. Think Clark Gable, not Mick Jagger.

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Be Patient, But Sneaky

Drastic change is not going to happen overnight and if you try to change too much too fast, you can easily hurt his feelings. Instead, tackle one thing at a time and make sure you factor in his own comfort level and style when you can. If you know that he would revolt at the idea of a style makeover, you may want to approach it slyly. For example, you can ask him to go with you to help you pick out a new watch and while you are shopping, encourage him to try something new and give tons of positive reinforcement. Or, maybe he should check out one of those new dress watches that he doesn’t need to know you already picked out online. If you do this enough times, you can slowly begin introducing new items into his wardrobe that will make him feel confident and secure.

Eliza Picot hails from the East Coast but has found her true home in Denver, Colorado where she attended Johnson & Wales University. You can find her getting lost in the latest mystery novels, cuddling with ‘Pancakes’ the Persian longhair and hiking all the gorgeous hiking trails that Denver has to offer.


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13 Responses

  1. terrihugg

    I love this. I’m in the midst of revamping my husbands wardrobe. I’ve started with shoes since that seems to be the easiest thing.

  2. Kita

    I never had this issue. My hubs was always sharp. Heck he did better than me in the clothes department.

    • Candice S.

      Mine does too. He’ll hold on to stuff from a long time ago even if it doesn’t fit anymore. I thought only women did that before I met him but I guess not. I have to purge the closet when he’s at work so he doesn’t miss it.

  3. Tiffany H.

    LOL I like the be sneaky part. Sometimes you do have to be sneaky in order for them to try new things. I’ve tried the drastic bright colors and it didn’t work to well, but somethings I was able to execute,. LOL

    • Candice S.

      My hubby detests skinny jeans. Every pair he owns are baggy. Plus he has too much booty to be trying to squeeze into some skinny’s Haa Haa!!

  4. Style Domination

    LOVED this! Fun read! My hubbie used to have horrible style. Think “sports sandals” everywhere. Sigh. He got a subscription to GQ and majorly upped his style game! He embraced his conservative style and just dressed it up a little. I have to say, the man wears a suit like no other. Gorgeous.

  5. Janelle McLeod (@imjanellemcleod)

    Yup.. Very true. I so agree with everything laid out here. Especially allowing “HIM” to have his own unique style and voice and not let it be what “I” want. It can get dangerous. Yea, I am seeing dudes are owning up to having “MCM” now these days too. Hey, I’m like “nothing wrong with that!” LOL.

  6. mimicutelips

    This made me giggle. I’m so thankful my guy already had a sense of style. Over the years I’ve tweaked it a bit but nothing drastic.


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