Travel season is here, and that means booking tickets, planning itineraries for your destination. It also means packing, which for many of us can be a source of major frustration. How do you pack 20 outfits in a bag that only fits four? Should you bring a backup converter in case your first breaks? Just how heavy is too heavy of a suitcase. There’s plenty of planning that goes into packing a bag for a summer adventure, but with a little bit of prep work and the right items, you can streamline the process. Make sure your travels are safe and happy with these must-have essentials and pack a bag worth lugging around the world.

5 Summer Travel Essentials | Naturally Stellar

5 Essentials for Your Summer Travels

1. A Tamper-Proof Wallet

As you’re romping around the world, keeping your valuables close and secure is priority number one. From your passport to your credit cards, travel documentation to cash, keeping all of your personal effects in a safe place is essential. A regular wallet isn’t going to cut it when your personal safety is on the line. Consider the Royce Freedom Wallet. This advanced money clip will keep all of your sensitive information and valuables safe. First, it has Bluetooth technology; if your wallet goes missing, you can track it down. The wallet also features RFID technology, designed to prevent wily thieves from accessing secure information stored in your cards.

2. A Trakdot

Flying comes with its fair share of stresses, but flights that include layovers and switching planes can lead to the traveler’s worst nightmare—lost luggage. It’s surprisingly easy to lose luggage while traversing the globe, and not all of us are comfortable letting airport officials take their sweet time to track down personal belongings. Take matters into your own hands with the Trakdot luggage tracker. Slip this tracker into your suitcase, and track its location with an app on your phone.

3. A Scrubba Wash Bag

When you’re on the road, washing and drying machines aren’t always easily accessible. That doesn’t mean you have to go on wearing your dirty, smelly clothes day after day. The Scrubba Wash Bag is the traveler’s dream. This handheld, portable bag can be shoved into the tiniest of suitcases, and used to wash your clothes, even in the most remote of locations. In six easy steps, you can have freshly washed apparel. How? Simply fill the bag with water and cleaning solution, remove the air from the bag, then rub the clothes against the bag’s internal washboard. Whether you’re on a cruise, hiking the back trails, or in a European boutique hotel without access to laundry services, this handy device will change the way you travel this summer.

5 Summer Travel Essentials | Naturally Stellar

4. Some Sun Wear

In all likelihood, your summer travels are taking you on a journey somewhere warm. Make sure you have the appropriate sun wear. Break out this summer’s hottest trend: a cute romper. Show off those shoulders with an elegant off-the-shoulder top. Don that USA holiday bikini poolside and make a splash. Need a cover up to protect your skin? Check out the gorgeous cover ups from Venus and look your best while lounging by the clear blue waters of the pool, lake, or ocean. We can’t talk about sun wear without talking about sunscreen. Make sure you always lather up with 30 SPF, whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking a hike. Any time you head outdoors, make sure your skin has the protection it needs.

5. A Travel Journal

Your travels will see you making plenty of treasured memories, but you can make sure you don’t forget a single detail with a rugged travel journal that can handle the wear and tear of your travels. Writing down descriptions of interactions, places, and travel plans can help you look back on your journey with fondness, even years down the line. A lightweight journal from The Journal Shop is easy to pack and sure to give you plenty of writing inspiration as you discover new places.

Take the stress out of packing and make sure you have everything you need on your summer adventure with this great checklist.


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