I know I’m not the only one who buys fragrances and rocks my favorites for a few months. Then, a magazine comes in the mail. A perfume sample insert drops out and I just have to buy the newest scent.  Sometimes I’m walking through the mall or department store and my eyes fix on that gorgeous new bottle of whatever and I just have to have it.  So eventually, I end up with bottles and bottles of perfume that I can’t possibly wear before they expire.  But not anymore. If you’ve ever wanted to learn ways to either stretch your perfumes or to use them up before they expire, here are some clever ways to make that happen.

10 Clever Uses For Your Favorite Perfume | Naturally Stellar

Clever Uses For Your Favorite Perfumes


1. Create a Luxurious Aromatherapy Bath or Footbath

Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance to a nice hot bath.  Then, get in and chillax in a mini pool of beautiful aroma.

10 Clever Uses For Your Favorite Perfume | Naturally Stellar

Brazilian Crush Body Mist by Sol de Janeiro

Soak Your Feet In Fragrance

After a long day at work,  add a few drops to your foot bath.  Today I’m using Brazilian Crush Body Mist as my foot soak fragrance.  It has such a fruity and beachy smell, so it creates the perfect tropical experience while I relieve stress. 

10 Clever Uses For Your Favorite Perfume | Naturally Stellar

2. Create Your Own Scented Lotions

If you don’t have skin sensitivities or are allergic to fragrances, all you need is a bottle of your favorite unscented cream moisturizer. Find a nice reusable jar and fill it with moisturizer. Then, add a few drops of  fragrance to the jar and mix well.

3. Room Spray

To create a room spritz, you’ll need a nice spray bottle with a misting nozzle.   Fill it with distilled water and perfume.  Shake to mix well.

4. Decorate Your Room or Vanity

Once those pretty bottles are empty, don’t toss them.   Use them to decorate your vanity.   Repurpose them. Redecorate your bottles with a new shade of paint, glitter, shells or whatever you wish, to flawlessly match your decor.

5. Air Freshener

If using a room spray isn’t your thing, you can keep a subtle scent going in any room.  Spray or dot a few cotton balls with fragrance and put them in a decorative jar or votive candle holder.  When they dry out, just replace with new cotton balls. 

6. Freshen Up Your Underwear Drawer

For an extra boost of confidence, spray a little bit of your sexiest scent into a homemade sachet and toss into your lingerie drawer.  Click the pic below for a full review and detailed steps. 

10 Clever Uses For Your Favorite Perfume | Naturally Stellar

How to make a Homemade Lingerie Sachet

  • Cut a 3″ to 4″ section out of an old pair of pantyhose or tights.  I like to use the toe section, to keep it simple. 
  • If using a mid section piece, secure one end by tying with ribbon
  • Fill a small plastic bowl or dish with uncooked rice
  • Spray the rice with your favorite perfume.
  • Add the rice to the nylon pouch and secure the other end by tying it tightly with a decorative ribbon.

10 Clever Uses For Your Favorite Perfume | Naturally Stellar


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7. Give Lampshades Some Life

Give your lampshades a few spritzes to help bring life and ambiance to your rooms.  When the heat from the lightbulb reaches the shade, it’ll give off a nice subtle scent.

8. Make Your Hair Smell Nice

I’m sure most of our hair products already smell wonderful. But hair fragrances can add the perfect touch to your new do.  I don’t suggest spraying regular perfumes in your hair due to the alcohol content.  Look for products specially formulated for use in the hair, like these options by Fekkai.  

10 Clever Uses For Your Favorite Perfumes | Naturally Stellar

Fekkai has 4 hair mists available (shown), retail for $20. 

  • Citron et Menthe
  • L’air de St. Barths
  • Mist Creme Vanillee
  • Mist Rose Fraiche


10 Clever Uses For Your Favorite Perfumes | Naturally Stellar


9. That New Car Smell

Keep your car smelling fresh.  Take that old stale air freshener hanging on your mirror and give it new life. Those things are super absorbent so just give it a couple sprays with a good quality perfume and re-hang.

10. Keep Your Sneakers Fresh

Add a homemade sachet full of baking soda and a little fresh scented perfume.  Another option to keep your sneaks fresh is to add your perfumed baking soda mixture to a used baby powder container.  You just need a container with a good sifter cap.  Then sprinkle the loose powder into your sneakers.  Give your shoes a nice shake and empty them out when you get ready to wear them. 


10 Clever Uses For Perfume | Naturally Stellar

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I hope these tips will help you to make the most of your perfumes.  Maybe it’ll even help you to justify buying a little more 🙂

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In what other clever ways do you like to use your perfumes?

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