You really need to get it together. Your home office space is a mess! If you’ve ever heard these phrases spoken to you, don’t get depressed.  I have a few solutions for you to help you get organized. All you need is a tiny budget, my handy list and a quick trip to your local big box or office supplies store.  

Organizing Your Home Office: Buying Office Supplies | Naturally Stellar

I love to shop for most of my office supplies at Walmart.  Almost everything you’ll see below can be bought in-store. They have a great variety of supplies at excellent prices.  

When I can’t get out, I shop online so I can compare prices and find the most economical deals.  No matter how you prefer to shop, it’s always best to shop with a list, so that you don’t end up buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need. So, I put together a very basic but helpful list of things, that you can use to get your home office life started on the right track.  

Home Office Supplies Shopping List

  • File Folders
  • Sticky Notes
  • Journals
  • Accordion File Folder
  • Loose leaf paper/Notebooks
  • Pens/Your Favorite Writing Tools

Organizing Your Home Office | Shopping For Supplies | Naturally Stellar

One of the first items you’ll likely need are file folders.  Whether you use a file cabinet, file boxes or a table top organizer, file folders will be your friends.  They work perfectly for archiving important documents or for grouping loose papers that tend to pile up on your desk or workspace over time.  These are by Studio C and they come in packs of 3, in various designs.

Organizing Your Home Office | Shopping For Supplies | Naturally Stellar

File folders are a must for archiving & organizing important paper storage.

Sticky notes can help prevent the crazies.  You know, those times when you go out of your mind because you forgot the tiny details.  Use them for daily tasks and reminders and then toss them.  These sticky notes are from Redi-Tag and retail around $5. My 7 pocket expanded file folder is by Mead and retails around $12. 

Organizing Your Home Office | Shopping For Supplies | Naturally Stellar

Post it notes are handy for jotting down immediate ideas & daily reminders

Notepads and Journals

Notepads and journals work wonders for brainstorming ideas or when you’re on the go.   I always bring a notepad or my journal with me to business meetings, classes or conferences.  Besides using them to take notes, I also use them to jot down contact information when networking. This notepad is by Studio C

Organizing Your Home Office | Shopping For Office Supplies | Naturally Stellar

Notepads and Journals come in handy when on the go, for brainstorming ideas and taking notes.

Clear pocket folders will keep your most used materials visible, but neatly organized.  I use my 8 pocket folder (shown below) to store my contracts & instructions for sponsored blog post campaigns.  It sort of works as a revolving door. When a campaign is complete, I simply move the documents to a file folder to make room for the next campaign.

Organizing Your Home Office | Shopping For Office Supplies | Naturally Stellar

Clear pocket folders are great for current projects/task items or in my case, blog campaign contracts.

Use color or images to inspire you.  There are a lot of great colors and themes to choose from when selecting your office supplies.  You no longer have to settle for traditional solid colors unless solids are your thing.  Keep this in mind for your writing utensils as well. For some reason, having a good funky colored pen always makes me want to write more.  BIC Atlantis fashion pens come in packs retailing around $5. 

Organizing Your Home Office | Shopping For Office Supplies | Naturally Stellar

Colorful or color coordinated office supplies can inspire you to keep your creative juices flowing

If you’re just starting out working from home or you’re just looking to commit to doing a better job of organizing your home office, I hope this post makes things easier for you.  Now go forth and shop!


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  1. Tiffany Heard

    I need to become more organized. Lately i have been writing down some of my thoughts and things I need to accomplish, which has been helpful. Organizations does make it easier to manage tasks.

  2. Parris

    This is so timely – I was just telling someone that I need a new workspace – I feel that if I really want to get serious about my business – then I need to organize.

  3. Ngumabi

    It’s really important to organise my workspace
    It always helps me think better and be more productive
    I recently discovered the usecof a notebook and indeed it’s wonderful
    I hope to try more of your ideas
    Thanks for sharing

  4. cleverlychanging

    I love the bright colors that you shared. The neon pinks, yellows, and oranges really pop. Right now my favorite color is turquoise but I could add some more colors to my home office.

  5. mimicutelips

    I’m looking forward to the day when I have a home office to decorate. I had one years ago, but we decided to have babe #2 and there went my home office. Next year I will have more space and an actual home office. I can’t wait to use these helpful tips.

  6. Jay Colby

    These are some great tips we all can use. Having an organized office space helps with productivity and the ability to find what we need easier.


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