A weekend just isn’t a weekend without a Target run.   No Netflix and chill for me on a Saturday night.  I’m perusing the aisles looking for the latest Target beauty products and home goods to play with.  But no trip is complete without venturing to the clearance section in women’s clothing. *This article contains affiliate links to Target.com. It costs you nothing. but this blog earns commissions through clicks and purchases you make linking directly from Naturally Stellar.

Target Beauty And A Potty For Her Booty | Naturally Stellar


Amazingly, this time I didn’t buy ANY clothes or accessories.  I actually came out of the store with what I intended to buy…well plus a couple more things. *face palm*.  Here’s what I got. 

Summer Infant My Size Potty

My latest Target trip had me running for the potty.  No not to the bathroom, but running for this potty!  It’s about that time in our house. Our little girl is giving us all the signs that she’s ready to start transitioning from her diapers.

Target Kids and Beauty Haul | Naturally Stellar

Target Kids and Beauty Haul – My Size Potty| Naturally Stellar

We cracked this sucker open the next day and she immediately was drawn to it.  So far we’ve had a few mishaps but she loves sitting on her potty and playing with the handle so it can make swooshing sounds. 


Blissful Lengths Hair Vitamins

I have been SOOO anxious to try these hair vitamins by Curls!!  Why you ask?  Well because they’re liquid. They have a 98% absorbency rate and I’ve seen people’s before, during and afters using this.   The results are awesome!

Target Kids and Beauty Haul | Naturally Stellar

Target Kids and Target Beauty Haul – Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Vitamins | Naturally Stellar

So, I’ve been taking this every day with a cold glass of Simply Lemonade.  One of my blogger boo’s suggested taking it with orange juice because it will mask the taste, but I forgot to buy some.  So I tried it with the lemonade and it really got rid of the taste for me.  Now I just have to remember to document my before, during and after pics of both my hair and nail growth. 

You can find Curls liquid hair vitamins in the Target beauty section, next to the natural hair products or on the end cap displays. 

Target Kids and Beauty Haul | Naturally Stellar

Target Kids and Target Beauty Haul – Liquid Hair Vitamins | Naturally Stellar


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Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Bath Set

Every time I’ve shopped in Ulta I’ve seen Soap & Glory products, but I never really took the chance to try them.  I absolutely love their packaging!  I’m just always a little hesitant to try bath & body products.  I just don’t want to be disappointed and end up having to buy something else to replace whatever I don’t like. 

Target Kids and Beauty Haul | Naturally Stellar

But when I saw the little sampler sets in the Target beauty section, priced at $7, I figured it was definitely worth giving them a try.   I am super excited to try because I love fruity or nutty scented bath products.  Plus all of their stuff looks so decadent and the butters/scrubs always look like something I’ll fall in love with.    So I’m trying it out!  I’ll let you know what I think about them soon. 

Target Beauty and Kids Haul | Naturally Stellar

Target Beauty and Kids Haul | Naturally Stellar


Target Kids and Beauty Haul | Naturally Stellar


Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Sis

I love that Fisher Price named this toy “Sis” because my son has been holding onto his Laugh & Learn puppy (whose name just so happens to be “Puppy”) since he was a newborn and he doesn’t want to pass it down to his baby sister.  He’s so attached to him.  Oh and don’t let his sister put any parts of Puppy in her mouth. He goes ballistic!  

Target Beauty and Kids Haul | Naturally Stellar

So it’s only fitting that we finally bought my baby her own puppy to love.  It’s not quite the same and she does notice the difference, but she still drags her around the house just like she does Puppy.  So at least they’re getting equal treatment lol.   I’m not sure what we’re gonna name her yet though. 

This Target Trip Shopping List

  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Bath Set – $7
  • Curls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Vitamins – $25.99
  • Summer Infant My Size Potty – $29.99
  • Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Sis – $13.89
  • Simply Lemonade Raspberry – $2.89
  • Simply Lemonade – $2.89
  • Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries – $3.29


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What great finds have you scored at Target lately?

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  1. sheenatatum

    Um, I’m going to need that potty! You’re the second person (My Kids and I on YT) that I saw talking about it. Yesss, it is coming home with me for my baby girl.


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