Valentines night for us was pretty low-key this year.  Hubby and I didn’t go out to dinner like we have in the past. I think last year really sealed the deal for me.  We spent hours trying to find a place that wasn’t booked with 3 hour waits and finally settled on eating at Famous Dave’s because it was late, cold and we ran out of options. Plus we had our baby with us. Epic fail. 


Nothing against Famous Dave’s because their Nachos are fantabulous! In fact, I enjoy eating there as a family. But, I think that was the last Valentines night straw for me.   I’m so over reserving a table at our favorite restaurants because I always feel like they over book, over pack the places and I feel like we’re constantly being rushed to finish our dinner.   These restaurants just suck all the life out of the dinner.  There’s no romance, quiet tables or enough time to sit back and have a nice conversation over a savory meal and dessert.

Our Worst Valentine’s Night Dinner

Now my hubby might not remember this but… I remember one Valentine’s Day, back when we lived in Rochester, NY, we went to dinner at a place called Mario’s Italian Steakhouse, I’ll never forget it.   The line was all the way outside. It was cold, no valet and by the time we finally got a table they seated us against a wall in a tiny table for 2, which was basically the size of a small table at McDonalds.  I mean there wasn’t even enough room to hold our appetizers & meal.  We were so close to the couple next to us, in our section, that the waiters had to turn side ways to bring us our meals.

Not to mention, you basically had to finish up your appetizers quick before your entrees came out. It was a 4 course dinner menu and basically everything we wanted to order they either ran out of or the wait for a new batch was ridiculous. Then, the waiter would come around and basically do whatever they could to get you to hurry up and finish your meal so they could seat the next couple.

Valentines Night Dinner At Home | Naturally Stellar

Romantic Valentine’s Dinner at home 2013. I really miss doing dinners like this for him. This was one of the BEST Valentine’s Dates we ever had.  We had a living room picnic & our son was at his grandparents all weekend *tears*

It was crazy!  I mean it was like a revolving door during that dinner service.  I don’t let anyone rush me through a meal so all we kept seeing was couples come in and couples leave.  That was the last year for many years that we made reservations for Valentine’s Day.

For the 3 years we lived in Raleigh, NC I don’t remember going out on V-Day and for our first 2 years in Nashville we didn’t go out either.  Last year was the first in a long time and will likely be the last for many years to come, until we get rich and can afford exclusive places to eat. 

This Year

I was 100% content being with my family. I was surprised with a nice bouquet of flowers, a balloon and some of my favorite candy, by the hubbs. The kids went to bed without issue and hubby and I spent the late night hours reminiscing and laughing ourselves to sleep.  I’m happy with my Valentines night goodies and we can go out to eat this weekend when the crowds have faded…or not. I’m just grateful and blessed to be loved and appreciated.  

My Valentines Night Was Perfectly Quiet | Naturally Stellar

My Valentines Night Was Perfectly Quiet | Naturally Stellar

I’m not really a flower lover, but this bouquet was so pretty.


My Valentines Night Was Perfectly Quiet | Naturally Stellar

The key to my heart…Ferrero Rocher’s

My Valentines Night Was Perfectly Quiet | Naturally Stellar

Ya’ll can have the packed out restaurants, all I need is some candy!


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How was your Valentine’s night? Would you give it a Mehhh!, Wow! or Who cares?

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