So last weekend my in-laws and I auditioned for Family Feud.  I know! How exciting right?  I’m telling you, 2017 is proving 2016 all wrong.

So a few weeks ago my mother-in-law called me and said “Hey do you wanna audition for Family Feud?  I need 5 people to do it.”   Immediately I said “Yes!”  We couldn’t get any of the guys in the family to participate so we ended up with an all woman cast.

Family Feud Auditions | Naturally Stellar

The auditions were held in Oklahoma City, OK.  So since 3 of the family members already lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I flew to Dallas from Nashville and one of our cousins flew in from Florida.  We all took 2 cars driving to Oklahoma City the next day, which was only 3 hours away.

The flight from Nashville to Dallas was really quick and pleasant. I had a chance to meet a nice photographer that sat next to me on the plane.  She was on her way to do an engagement shoot for a couple in Dallas. We had a nice chat and mostly talked about food and all the great Nashville restaurants we both ate at.  I gave her my handles so she could connect with me on Instagram.  I hope I hear from her soon so I can see how her shoot went.

The next day we got on the road for OKC around 11:30 a.m.  It was a nice road trip and my first time visiting Texas and Oklahoma.

I drove with my mom & sis-in-law.  Our 2 cousins plus their roommate drove in another car.

The auditions were held at the Tower Hotel in OKC. When we got there, the line with all of the family teams wasn’t that bad.  We were about the 10th family in line, but we were quickly told that we had to get out of line until our whole party arrived or we had at least 4 contestants in line.   So by the time our cousins got there, the line was CRAZY long.  It wrapped all the way from the ballrooms located at the back of the hotel around to the front of the hotel and out the doors.

What Happens At A Family Feud Audition

Let’s begin with the obvious question.  Was Steve there?  Ummm Nope!  They had a stand in host.  He said taping won’t begin until late March/early April so Steve is home with his family and taping other shows at the moment.  The host was pretty funny too, but no Steve.

So basically what happens is you get a name tag when you arrive at the location and your team gets in line.  As the line moves forward, they begin assigning families to 1 of 4 ballrooms to be seated.  After being assigned a room and seated, you have to fill out paperwork which includes an application and info on all the contestants.  We also had to choose a team captain and list something interesting about our family on our paperwork.

Family Feud | Naturally Stellar

The auditions are video taped.  You’re allowed to take pictures in the audition room, but no video.  2 families are called at a time to compete with each other.  While 2 more families wait on deck.  The focus isn’t really on winning, but on how your family interacts with each other, your enthusiasm and energy shown on camera.   Each set of families plays 2 rounds of the game.   So that means 2 questions.  There’s no fast play round.  They just want to make sure each family gets enough time on camera.

The room is set up with 2 tables on each side of a podium.  Each table has a bell on it.  Contestants must either place their hand flat on the table or hold it behind their backs for each question.  You can’t hover your hand over the bell.

Once your family gets a turn to audition, you can leave.  The show will notify you a few weeks before taping, if you got selected.  They’ll either email you or send a postcard to the contact person.  If you get selected, it’s all expenses paid travel to Atlanta for your taping.

How Our Audition Went

Once they called our family, we had to write our family name on a dry erase board and hold it up for a photo.   Then I (team captain) had to introduce our family and each member.  I made sure to mention that we had 2 identical twin cousins on our team.

We were asked 2 questions.  #1 was Name the top 7 countries surveyed where men profess to be macho men – We got all 7 correct and swept the round.   So the announcer said “We’re gonna pretend that this family lost so we can give the other family some time on camera”.  Needless to say, we were so excited, we did so well.

That time we auditioned for family feud | Naturally Stellar

Each family gets a still photo of their team taken

So he went on to question #2  Name something that women do around the house naked – The other family rang first, so they started off while we huddled together.   They quickly got 3 buzzers for giving wrong answers so then it went over to us. I think we got in a few answers then a few buzzers and the game was over.

That time we auditioned for family feud | Naturally Stellar

These 2 dudes behind us were hilarious! They basically spent their time cracking jokes on the other people in the room. Then they photo bombed us lol.

I hope we get selected to tape in Atlanta. This was so much fun and if nothing else, we’ll never forget the experience.


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Have you ever auditioned or wanted to audition for a game show?  Leave a comment!


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14 Responses

  1. Antoinette Davis

    Tryouts are coming to my state. To go for the tryouts for family feud do you wait for them to contact you after applying or do you just show up and how do you know what time the tryouts start?

    • Candice S.

      It’s my understanding that they have to select you to come for the tryouts. You can’t just show up. They already have your information on hand when you arrive and they check to make sure the team you specified is all there before you can line up to enter the rooms. I don’t recall anyone being at our audition that wasn’t approved to be there. When you’re approved, they email you the details on when and where.

  2. Karen Franklin

    We have an audition scheduled next week. We had planned on wearing matching t shirts, but noticed later that they recommend business casual. Wanted your input on how people dressed during their audition.

    • Candice S.

      I noticed a lot of business casual. Families that dressed alike tended to stand out, but some took it way overboard being either too matchy or costumey. I think matching tees should be fine though.

    • Antoinette Davis

      Family feud is coming to my city. I applied for tryouts for my family. Do,you just show up that day or do you have to be selected?

  3. Amisha King

    What questions do they ask on the written part? Also, do you think It would be possible for a todler in a stroller to tag along :/

    • Candice S.

      A lot of the questions were simply about you. Your contact info, interests and 1 part was telling them something interesting about you.

      Yes, I saw other families with babies. You may want to bring someone who can watch them while you go up to audition.

    • Candice S.

      We were there for about 4-5 hours. Our individual audition time was about 10 minutes. Long enough to play a few rounds of the game against another family.

      • Jason

        Thanks for you comment because that’s pretty much exactly how it went for us when we just auditioned on Saturday Feb 10, 2018, and the difference is that the producer handed our applications back as she did to other families to go to another room not to play the game, but to show off our personalities on camera for a few minutes. We didn’t hear yet but it’s only been a couple of days and as we left she said, “go have lunch and celebrate!” So I assume that’s a good thing. It’s a lot different than when we were on the show 3 times over 20 years ago! So maybe we will get on and win this time! Lol. Don’t give up tho! Audition again and get crazy but be yourself at the same time!

      • Candice S.

        Oh wow! You’ve been on 3 times? That’s cool. Good advice! I’m normally kind of silly and witty but I held back a little thinking I didn’t want us to be over the top. I’m so down for trying out for another game show. It was fun!

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