Happy New Year everybody!  I hope everyone had a great break with family and friends, or at least got to spend some quality time with someone you love. 2017 is gonna be our year of big moves. What’s your big move?


Big Moves and Big Changes | Naturally Stellar

The First Big Move Of The Year

Well 2017 is officially here and it looks like it’s gonna be a fun-filled, busy year for me and my family.  To kick things off, we’re moving!   For the past few weeks my family has been packing up our 2 bedroom apartment like crazy.  With a lot more crazy going on than packing 🙂

We’ll be moving into a larger 3 bedroom with the hopes of using this year to boost our credit scores and tackle some of our debts and credit report errors, so we can be in a better position to get a house.   We’ll be first time home buyers and given what I know from my prior experience in finance/mortgage, I’m sure we can finally qualify for a mortgage by year’s end.

Big Moves and Big Changes in 2017 | Naturally Stellar

No, I don’t drink this much lol. Even though sometimes I’d like to. Shouts out to my local liquor store for giving us unlimited boxes. They’re the real MVP

My son’s room is almost finished and the big job, (My room) is well underway.  It looks like a mess right now as I’m going through tossing stuff out, separating for donation and seeing which of my friends wants to help me out by taking a few things.  We’re selling a lot of big furniture pieces, so we don’t have to bring them with us and to give us a fresher start in the new place.  Hopefully everything will sell quickly so I can get it out of here and be able to buy some new things with the money.

In the meantime, I’m just trying to keep sane and hold everything down during the week while the Hubbs is at his day job.  Being mom, never stops and trying to keep a business going through the midst of a move is sometimes torture.  My daughter is under foot no matter where I turn.  Thank God for streaming cartoons and Gerber Graduates snacks.

Moving Boxes and Baby | Naturally Stellar

This one knows how to keep mama busy, while I try to pack up our existence. I can always distract her with food. 

But there’s light at the end of this tunnel!  This time next week we’ll be in our new place, my daughter will be getting her own room (which constitutes a party all on its own – Woot Woot!! Confetti thrown) and we’ll finally be rid of the landlord/apartment from hell.  

Everyone in the house is happy about the move, but my son will have to switch schools and we’ll be at least a 1/2 drive away from where we currently live.  So I’m hoping we can make his transition as smooth as possible. It’s gonna be a new experience for all of us and we’ll be living in a totally different part of Nashville that we’re not familiar with. It’s gonna be an adventure!

P.S.  Why is it so hard to find free moving boxes anymore?  I can’t tell you the number of grocery stores and retailers I tried in Nashville who no longer give out boxes to the public.  They either crush them on site or have a “no free boxes” policy. What the $%@! is that?!

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So If you’re in Nashville and looking for some free boxes during your next move, check out: SRI Wine & Spirits on Nolensville Rd. and Luther’s Liquors at 15565 Old Hickory Blvd. (my fave, always great prices, super clean, friendly service and free boxes).   You may as well grab some wine while you’re in there.

But anyway, I’ll keep you posted on our move.  On to bigger and better things!


Anyone else moving this year?  Love or hate moving?  Drop us a comment!

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