Palmers Coconut Oil & Skin Therapy Review

Great skin care during the winter months is crucial.  Some of us tend to step up our skin care game during this time, but for many of us, we just stick to the same ole body wash and lotion to get us through.  Today I’m sharing my thoughts on a variety of products from Palmer’s skin care collection, that boast great skin results.  Do they really help dry skin? Why coconut oil? What about cleansing oils? I’m sharing it all in this Palmers Coconut Oil Review. *The products in this post were provided by Palmer’s in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No cash compensation was received.

Palmers Coconut Oil Review | Naturally Stellar

About The Brand

Palmer’s is the #1 cocoa butter brand in the world.  The brand offers a wide variety of quality skincare, pregnancy care, skin fade care and hair care products, that have been used by families for generations. They are a member of the Global Shea Alliance which helps sustain the shea industry and the livelihood of rural African women and their communities. They’re also a member of the World Cocoa Foundation which supports programs that benefit farmers in cocoa growing regions of the world.

Palmers Coconut Oil Skin Collection | Naturally Stellar
Palmer’s Skin Care Products (Body Care, Facial Care and Lip Care)

Product Details

Palmer’s coconut oil formula products consist of coconut oil, monoi oil and sweet almond oil. The combination of the 3 oils are said to deeply moisturize, soften, hydrate, pamper, soothe and comfort the skin. 

Palmer’s cocoa butter formula Skin Therapy facial products have vitamin E and are said to be safe for all skin types.

Flip Balms are currently available at Target and Walgreen’s. There are 3 flavors, Creamy Coconut, Ripe Mango and Juicy Watermelon. The product claims are that these will lock in 24 hours of long lasting moisture. The ingredients include cocoa butter, vitamin e, fruit extracts and shea butter.


$3 – $11 

My Thoughts

I’ve used every product shown and currently am running on empty with my body wash and near empty with my body lotion.  The body care products smell delicious!  My skin stayed super soft and moisturized. So I’m very pleased with the body wash, body lotion, and the body oil.  There aren’t any sulfates in the body wash, so you won’t get a super sudsy consistency like other sulfate body washes. You may find yourself using more product because of that, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. I would highly recommend these products for self-care, gifts or creating gift baskets. 

Palmers Coconut Oil Skin Collection | Naturally Stellar
Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Care collection
Palmer's Coconut Oil Skin Collection | Naturally Stellar
This is the body lotion. It’s very creamy and smells like angel food cake!

Now on to the lip balms.  The formula is really smooth, non-greasy and really does make your lips feel super moisturized. I don’t know about 24-hour moisture, but I didn’t have to do much reapplying with these. It’s a really nice moisture too unlike most other waxy-like lip balms.  My lips felt soft, not “covered”.  I also love the natural ingredients in these and the extracts make them taste great.  

These are perfect for dropping in my big purses or bags. Although, not really convenient for nights on the town when I tend to carry smaller clutches and cell purses, because the container is a little too bulky for those. But they are really eye-catching, smell great and are easy to use.  I would definitely buy more of these and give them as gifts or goodie bag swag. 

Palmers Coconut Oil Skin Collection | Naturally Stellar
3 Flavors available at Target and Walgreen’s
Palmer's Coconut Oil Skin Collection | Naturally Stellar
Great moisture and nice packaging. These make great goody bag swag, stocking stuffer’s or gifts.

Skin Therapy Facial Products – I have really sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin.  So all of these factors come into play when trying any facial products.  My first wash with the skin therapy cleansing oil went very well. I loved the look and feel of my skin.  I wasn’t really a fan of the fragrance.  It was a bit strong and sort of lingered after washing.  The skin therapy oil was similar in that the rosehip fragrance was kind of strong.

Palmers Coconut Oil Skin Collection | Naturally Stellar
Palmer’s Skin Therapy facial products

The next morning, I washed with the cleansing oil and used a small amount of the facial oil.  I found that I had 2 minor breakouts later that day. I don’t know if these were caused by the fragrance or the oils, but I’ve worked too long and hard to get my skin under control over the years.  Unfortunately, I had to stop using the facial products altogether. 

I’m a little disappointed with that because I really love Palmer’s other products. These have a great price point and the packaging is appealing. My skin just said nope to these. 

I think these products would work best for those with no sensitivities and normal to dry skin. But it wasn’t a total loss,  I actually ended up using the facial oil as a scalp oil.


This review is so hard to grade collectively.  I thought the body care products were excellent, A.  The flip balms are really good and would make great goodie bag swag, B+.  But the facial products for me, were a no-go. C


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