Ok so I’m back with an update on how my home office is coming along.  I’m happy to report that I have ordered most of my office furnishings today.  I’m still trying to decide on the right office chair to go along with my color scheme and desk, but I’m setting a deadline for myself to make a decision by this weekend.  For more info on this home project 

Getting My DIY On With A New Home Office Space

For some reason, I never thought choosing the right chair would be so time consuming or this hard, but it is.   I want a chair that is white with silver/chrome accents and great user reviews.    I’m also trying to stay within my total budget of $500.   I know that isn’t much for some, but I’m really trying to stay economical since I have a lot of home projects I’d like to finish in the coming months.   I don’t want my office to eat up the budget for other stuff I have planned.

So here are the pieces that I’ve purchased so far.

Home Office Design Update | Naturally Stellar

I’m also going to purchase another piece of wall art from a local nashville artist that I love. It’ll go up on the wall directly above the longest side of my desk.  I can’t wait to reveal my wall art, you’re gonna love it!

My Home Office Design Progress

Home Office Design Update | Naturally Stellar

Signature Design by Ashley H410-24 Baraga Collection Home Office Desk, 61″, White

Home Office Design Update | Naturally Stellar

Make It Happen Silver Foil Decor Home Wall Art Print Inspirational Motivational Quote Metallic Poster – Digibuddhah


Home Office Design Update | Naturally Stellar

Cut-Out Steel Floral Scroll 19 1/2″ High Accent Table Lamp


Home Office Design Update | Naturally Stellar

Safavieh California Shag Collection SG151-1010 White Area Rug, 4 feet by 6 feet (4′ x 6′)

I had my eye on this Nate Berkus candle at Target.  I liked it solely for the look and feel of it.  On a recent Target visit, I had a chance to smell it in-store and didn’t really care for the woodsy scent.  I’m more of a fruity or light floral kind of girl. Plus, I don’t believe in buying candles if I’m not gonna use them.  It is cute though, isn’t it?

Home Office Design Update | Naturally Stellar


So my next update will likely be in the midst of me assembling my desk.   I have a few surprises to show you at the final reveal, but in the meantime, here are the things I still have to buy to finish this project. 

  • White 2 drawer file cabinet
  • Office Chair
  • Book Ends
  • Wall Art
  • Desk Accessories




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