Fall just wouldn’t be fall without a visit to the pumpkin farm.  I did some research to find out who had the best pumpkin farm in the area and Lucky Ladd Farms, by far, stood out from the rest in reviews.  I even saw an article where Tripping.com named them the #1 pumpkin farm in Tennessee.  So we absolutely had to go see what all the fuss was about. *My family and I received free admission on behalf of Lucky Ladd Farms, to visit and share our honest experience. All opinions and sass are 100% my own.

Lucky Ladd Farms Cover | Naturally Stellar

The Details

Lucky Ladd Farms is located in Eagleville, TN.  It’s about a 45 minute drive south of Nashville.  It is a 60 acre farm with over 70 attractions including a corn maze, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, pony rides and hay rides.  Admission is $13 for adults and teens, $11.00 for kids ages 2 – 12 and free for kids under 2.   Parking is free and you can bring your own food and drinks (but must eat and drink outside of gated area).

Down On The Farm

We arrived at Lucky Ladd Farms about mid day and the heat was already intense, on a beautiful sunny day. The parking situation is really organized and easy and I noticed a nice shaded picnic area out front to have lunch or to eat before entering the farm.  That’s always cool, especially for families that want to save or prefer their own meals and snacks.

Drinks and food aren’t allowed to be brought into the gated area, but we came prepared for that.  We ate lunch before we arrived so we wouldn’t live at the concession stands.

Right away I could see that the farm is really well maintained. From the very colorfully painted farm animal animation cut outs, to the Lucky Ladd Farms truck at the entrance and the manicured grass.  It was all done very nicely.

Lucky Ladd Farms Truck | Naturally Stellar

We finally got up to the ticket booth and got our arm bands. Then we grabbed a couple of farm maps and headed right through the gift shop.

Lucky Ladd Farms Gift Shop | Naturally Stellar

My son wanted to see how tall he was. I can’t believe how big he’s getting!

The very first place we stopped at was the splash pad.  It was so hot out there on Saturday.  About 93 degrees, according to my weather app on my phone.  Thanks goodness I packed an extra pair of shorts for my son and an extra onesie for my daughter.   Mama even got in on the fun.

Lucky Ladd Farms Family Fun | Naturally Stellar

My baby doesn’t look too happy in this pic, but she had a ball in the water.

It’s Been Warm In Tennessee

We realized we weren’t gonna survive walking the rest of the farm if we didn’t load up on some icy drinks, so we took a pit stop at the concession stand and bought some lemonades and a tum-e yummie for my son.    I would highly advise that if you go to the farm on a hot day, like we did, be prepared to pay for the $6.99 32 oz drinks.  The refills are $1 but it’s a better deal than paying for the 16 oz. drinks. 

Lucky Ladd Farms Family Pic | Naturally Stellar

I made them do it. The baby’s face tells it all lol


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Lucky Ladd Farms cut outs and hay bales | Naturally Stellar

Family Fun At The Farm

Our Personal Faves

Ok, now this!  Before Saturday, you couldn’t have convinced me that rolling around in corn would be fun.  We had a blast in this corn pit.  We went in clean and came out all white and starchy, but it was so much fun and pretty relaxing.   I told my hubby that I didn’t want to get out.  My feet felt so nice in there, it was like being at the spa.   I think everyone should try chillin’ in a corn pit at least once in their life.

Lucky Ladd Farms Corn Pit | Naturally Stellar

A little bonding in corn


Lucky Ladd Farms Bird House | Naturally Stellar

I came across this beautiful bird house near the Tire Wall.

The slide was a huge hit.  My son and I went down the slides I don’t know how many times. It was so much fun. We even had a little friendly competition racing down.  He cheated of course.

Lucky Ladd Farms Slide | Naturally Stellar

The Animals

Lucky Ladd Farms Animals | Naturally Stellar

Lucky Ladd Farms has so many attractions we honestly couldn’t get through them all.  We missed going through the corn maze, taking a hayride and experiencing the smaller tractor ride.  The heat was a major factor.  I think if it was a nice mild fall day, we would have experienced all of it.  But regardless of missing a few things, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have decided to come back in October for another family fun day.

Lucky Ladd Farms Me and Hubbs | Naturally Stellar

Me and Hubbs getting silly in the giant photo chair

If you are in Tennessee this fall, you absolutely have to come and experience Lucky Ladd Farms. The attractions, the grounds, the gift shop, the concessions and the animals are really what sets this place apart from the rest.  I am so glad that we came to experience this and we will definitely be back. 

Oh, and they have awesome kettle chips. How good were they?  I almost killed a whole bag…that’s how good 😉


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What’s Your Favorite Fall Activity?


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