Today’s post is sponsored by Walmart Baby as part of an influencer activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.  It’s no secret that I’m a trendy mom. I like shopping for the latest and greatest and am always hyped whenever something new debuts for kids. But I’m also a budget conscious mom.  I’m gonna show you how I get the best of both worlds in Walmart’s baby department. 

Walmart Baby deals under $100 | Naturally Stellar

I’m a weekly Walmart shopper.  I love being able to grab everything I need in one trip. Whenever I need something quick, it’s usually the first place that comes to mind.   Not only because there’s always a store close by but also because I know they’re gonna have a nice selection of whatever I need.  

From the time that I first brought my babies home from the hospital, the Walmart baby department has been my go-to for quick night runs or weekly trips to stock up on diapers, food or my favorite box of cereal.  Walmart holds me down, so today I’m singing their praises and sharing how to get a wide variety of baby stuff on a small budget. 


New Innovations In The Walmart Baby Department

Walmart has made a lot of changes in the baby department this year. You’ll notice a lot of improvements in the variety of brands, new innovations, great pricing and how they’ve refreshed the look of  600 Walmart stores baby sections.

Walmart has a new baby box subscription service that includes a box full of products and useful tips to help at every stage of your baby’s development.  When you subscribe to a Walmart Baby Box, you’re gonna get to try some of the latest products for your baby’s stage of development, delivered right to your door.

  • This is super convenient for those of us parents with busy lifestyles or who just don’t have a lot of time to shop in-store for what we need.
  • It’s also great for Trendy mom’s like me, that are always looking forward to trying what’s new.
  • For new moms and dads, this is like having a personal shopper. You’re gonna love the helpful baby tips.

Evenflo SensorSafe™ Titan® Convertible Car Seat

This is a Walmart exclusive.  Evenflo and Walmart have developed a new,  first-of-its-kind convertible car seat for toddlers.   This seat has technology built-in to help prevent heat stroke, by alerting the driver that a child is present in the car seat, once they reach their destination.  It also warns drivers if a child’s chest clip becomes unclipped during the ride.  The seat will retail at Walmart for $149


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New Brands

You’re gonna see new baby items from premium brands like California Baby, Baby Jogger, Ideal Baby by Aden and Anais and Diono in stores. 

Walmart Grocery Pickup

I’m gonna dive deeper into this in another post, but I want to let you know quickly that Walmart has a great grocery pickup service. It will save you a lot of time and keep you stocked with your baby needs, groceries, and home essentials.  The extra cool thing is, they have FREE pickup.  Plus, you can click here to get $10 off your first order. 

Let me tell you about my shopping trip!

Walmart Baby Haul under $100 | Naturally Stellar

My baby will be walking/running in no time, so I can never be too early to pick up a child harness. The cute owl in the middle is a 2-in-1 harness and backpack.

Here’s What I Bought On A $100 Budget

I received a $100 E-Gift card to go purchase whatever I needed for my baby.  Let me show you how you can stretch a small budget of $100, to get a variety of your baby’s needs all in one place.  You don’t have to sacrifice your style either.  So whether you’re a Trendy mom, A Budget Conscious Mom, A Green Mom or just a plain ole Busy Mom, Walmart can be a stress-free destination for baby items.

  • Infantino Wrap & Tie Baby Carrier, $32.88
  • 1 Pair Garanimals Sweat Pants, $3.88
  • 1 Garanimals Sweat Shirt, $3.88
  • 2 Pair Garanimals Jeggings, $4.88 each
  • 1 Garanimals Long sleeved fashion top, $3.88
  • Adjustable Sun Shade, $9.88
  • Gerber Multi-Grain Cereal, $2.94
  • Pack of 3 Girls Flower Headbands, $2.50
  • Soft Baby Bath Book, $2.48
  • Child of Mine by Carter’s, 2-in-1 Harness Buddy, $10. 84


Walmart Baby Garanimals Baby Girls fleece Clothes | Naturally Stellar

This cute fleece sweatshirt caught my eye. This will be great to pair with matching sweats or Jeggings.


Walmart Baby Soft Bath Book| Naturally Stellar

Warm water will make these dirty baby animals all clean. This book is super cute and water activated! Only $2.49

Everything was pretty easy to find in my local store.  I tend to stock up on my daughter’s food and diapering essentials every week, so with this budget, I was able to pick up items that were strictly extras. We recently upgraded our car seat to a convertible style, so I needed a nice sun shade for my side window.  I also needed a new baby carrier that would allow me to carry her on my hip or back.  

Walmart Baby Infantino Baby Carrier | Naturally Stellar

My store had a nice variety of baby carriers, like this wrap and tie from Infantino. Very trendy and super affordable.


Walmart Baby Garanimals Jeggings | Naturally Stellar

Walmart has a great selection of leggings, jeggings, and pants for baby girls. These were $4.88


Walmart Baby Girls Headbands| Naturally Stellar

I love feeding my baby delicious options like these Hearty Bits from Gerber. To keep her cool in the shade, check out this adjustable sun shade. Oh, and I love cute hair accessories like these glittery flower headbands.


Walmart Baby Garanimals Girls Clothes| Naturally Stellar

These mix and match outfits by Garanimals are priced just right with plenty of options to dress your baby in the latest trends.

I even managed to stay under budget at $90.53 ($82.92 + tax)!  So, I decided to apply the rest of my E-Card balance to my next online shopping session, where I’ll pick up this cute V-Tech baby walker.   I would have purchased it in store, but they were out of stock on this particular model.  See my full review of V-Tech Baby Walker


I hope I inspired you Rock Star Moms out there to make your next trip to Walmart for your baby needs.   You can even come back here and brag all about how much you saved.  Introducing FREE 2-Day Shipping at!

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Have You Seen The New Changes In The Walmart Baby Department?

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