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So you started this awesome group and now everyone wants to meetup.  Well now the ball is in your court to plan an awesome local meetup to keep people happy and the interest going. Where do you begin?


I want to show you how I go about planning local meetup events in my area.  I’m gonna share all my tips and tricks for planning an awesome and inexpensive event for your favorite special interest group. 

Planning a local meetup doesn’t have to be super complicated or cost you a boatload of money.  It really is possible to plan an event for next to nothing and still keep people coming back for more. You just have to get a little creative. 

Before I start planning anything, it’s always important to make sure that I’m prepared for my day.  Besides getting a good night’s sleep and making my work space ready,  I like to start my morning by having a great breakfast and my favorite snacks within reach.

How To Plan Local Meetups | Naturally Stellar

Kellogg’s® Special K® always comes through to help me nourish my next goal, including planning my next influencer’s meetup in Nashville.  Most mornings I rush to my go-to Kellogg’s Special K Protein Drinks, but today I decided to try something new.  I recently stopped by my local Kroger and grabbed a few of these delicious Kellogg’s Special K Crustless Quiche and these Kellogg’s Special K Fruit and Nut Bars.

How To Plan Local Meetups | Naturally Stellar

After breakfast, it’s time to get to work!  Let’s start planning.


How To Plan Local Meetups | Naturally Stellar

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How To Plan A Small Local Meetup

Step 1

Grab a notebook or journal

I love to use this fabulous BCBG journal I got as a gift a few years ago.  It houses a lot of my blog post ideas, webinar notes and I love to use it to jot down my event ideas.    Notebooks and journals are also a great place to brainstorm or jot down contact info.  Neither or these is absolutely necessary, but it is good business to always be prepared, so use what works best for you.

How To Plan Local Meetups | Naturally Stellar

Step 2

Food or Just Event Space?

Most of the events I attend seem to always center around food.  People love to eat and be fed. I don’t care what your special interest is…well unless it’s anti-food or something super technical that would require heavy computer usage, you may want to find workspace that allows food or has a small kitchenette.

Nashville has a lot of great spaces that provide awesome spaces for FREE and you can bring in drinks & treats without issue. Another simple option is to just use a restaurant as your meetup space!

If you don’t really have a budget for reserving a private party, simply make a list of places with great table space, a well-rounded menu (meaning there’s something for everybody) and make sure it can accommodate space for your party.   You can secure your place by simply calling and making a regular reservation with your RSVP head count.

You can opt to pay for your party’s meal or simply have each person pay their own bill, just try to keep the prices reasonable for all with your restaurant choice.


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Step 3

Create a Flyer

I prefer to use Canva to create my event flyers and social media images for my events.  Canva is a great design application that let’s you drag and drop to make all of your visual creations.  There are options for you to select your platform, image sizes, colors, fonts and more.  It’s super easy.  So if you’re not really into graphic design or not quite sure where to begin, Canva is a great option. Here’s an example image. 

Nashville Mulit Cultural Creatives Meetup | Nashville, TN

I founded a group called Nashville Creatives, which is a Tennessee based multi cultural influencer’s network in Nashville, TN


Step 4

Create An Event Page on Social Media

You can use sites like, Eventbrite or Facebook Events to set up your event and send out invites.  It all depends on your objective and whether or not this will be a one time event.  I like to use Facebook and collect RSVP’s easily when people click on “going” on the event page.   You can even do things like add posts, pics and videos as it gets closer to the event date. 

I also use my event page to send attendees important info like parking, the price range of the restaurant and what will be on the agenda for the meetup.


Step 5

Prepare a nice goody bag or memorable take away

Your guests will want to come back when you leave them with something to remember your event by.  A small trinket that goes along with the theme of your special interests or a light goody bag full of samples, your business card, discounts for services or whatever may be appropriate for your audience.  Little touches go a long way.

That’s it! There’s really nothing to planning a simple small local meetup and keeping it economical and memorable.  I hope this encourages you to start planning and hosting more events in your area and beyond.

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What kinds of goals are you nourishing this season?

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  1. Angelina

    I’d love to attend one of your meetups! Excellent points shared in your post that everyone can take and make their own when it comes to hosting their own event.

  2. Cristi @ Life Unadorned

    Sounds like you plan great meet ups! I agree about making everyone happy with food and providing little gifts at the end as a remembrance as long as it’s something really useful. I have a few things from events and conferences that I still use years later. 🙂 {client}

  3. Joy's Life

    What a great post! I agree with you, I think it’s so important to remember little gift bags/trinkets for the take away. It’s that extra little thing can make such a positive difference!


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