Hey Stars!  So let me show ya’ll how I SLAYED in my dope designer rental this past weekend.  I recently became a Rent The Runway affiliate.  To get started,  I was given a $30 introductory code as an incentive to try out the program. So I decided to wait to use my code for my next big event, which just so happened to be a brunch I was hosting for my local multicultural influencer’s network in Nashville.  That way I could show you the whole process and my opinion on the service. *this post contains my affiliate links, it doesn’t cost you a thing but I do earn a small commission on anything that you may decide to purchase.  It also helps me to keep the lights on so I can keep bringing you awesome content and killer discounts. Thanks Star!

Rent The Runway designer rental | Naturally Stellar

Cynthia Rowley Plum Midnight Lace Romper | Rent the Runway | Naturally Stellar

Cynthia Rowley Plum Midnight Lace Romper | designer rental from Rent the Runway | Naturally Stellar

Well, I ended up having to postpone our event due to low attendance and scheduling conflicts. Hey, it happens.  



Regardless of postponing our meetup,  I just couldn’t see wasting this fabulous outfit.  So I still went on about my day, dressed to impress of course.  I wanted to make sure I tried out the program, their customer service and return process in full before introducing them to you.  Of course my goal is always I try before you buy, so I want to share my whole experience with you from start to finish.



First off, the website is very well laid out.  It’s bright, eye-catching and the styles are nicely categorized and curated. Each outfit or piece (if previously rented) will have pics from actual renter’s wearing the pieces.  That way you get a much more realistic look at what you like on a real person’s body.  Not only that, the women list their physical dimensions so you know whether or not that gown or pant suit will look good with your double D’s or thicker waistline. People are also very descriptive in telling you whether the sizes of a piece run smaller, larger or true to size. That is super helpful. 

You Get An Extra Outfit With Your Order

Every designer rental comes with a complimentary additional outfit in an additional size so you don’t have to guess or take a chance on something fitting incorrectly. So for instance if you normally wear a size 10 and people are saying that the piece runs small, you can order an extra size up to go along with your order. 

I ended up ordering a size 8 and picked a size 10 for my backup.   I’ve lost a lot of weight since this time last year and dropped about 4 dress sizes, so I wasn’t sure which one would fit best. Good thing they let you have a second option.

Cynthia Rowley Purple Lace Romper | designer rental from Rent the Runway | Naturally Stellar

Tips For The Best Designer Rental Experience

  • Save Your Favorites

Save and categorize your favorite outfits on the RTR website, for whatever occasions you like.  You have the ability to name your categories and drop outfits into groups

  • Find A Good Promo Code

Ordering online is pretty straight forward and easy.  RentTheRunway always seems to have good promotions going on, so it’s fairly easy to plop in your promotional code at checkout.  I have a great discount for you.  If you want to get $30 off your order, go ahead and use my personal referral link.  I promise you, you won’t be sorry.  You can also check out 

  • Sign Up For The Pro Plan

It’s normally $29.95 but I found that they offered it to me for only an additional $15 on my first order.  I’m not sure how often that promotion runs, but if you manage to get a discount on the pro plan, grab it!  Here’s why.  With the pro plan, you get free shipping and free insurance on every order. You also get 1 free outfit up to a $60 value on your birthday. 

  • Use The Mobile App For Convenience

There’s a Rent The Runway app you can download to rent your outfits on the go.  Available on iOS

So after applying my $30 discount, this outfit cost me a whopping….$16.33!!   A 4 day designer rental for less than 20 bucks. I’m down for that! 

Cynthia Rowley Purple Lace Romper | Rent the Runway | Naturally Stellar

Returning your items is super easy too. All you do is place your return postage card in the outside pocket of your garment bag, pack your items in the bag and attach the RTR plastic lock on your zipper handles.  Next, you just drop your items off by the deadline at your nearest UPS store or UPS drop box and that’s it!

Cynthia Rowley Purple Lace Romper | designer rental from Rent the Runway | Naturally Stellar

Click To See Video : https://youtu.be/u1r-OIAbUlw

If you’d like to learn more about designer rental from Rent The Runway or wanna check out their awesome clearance sale.  Yup! they also sell designer fashions at a fraction of the price.  Click here: RentTheRunway.com

Until next time Stars, keep slaying these weekends!


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Have You Ever Worn A Designer Rental?

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