Mobile Businesses are on the rise and women are really blazing new trails with pop up shops and mobile fashion boutiques. But until today, I bet you’ve never heard of a mobile shoetique?  I’d like to think that we are special in Nashville because we’re spoiled with the first of its kind and women are going bananas when they discover what’s inside the unique purple truck.

Jazzy Nash Mobile Shoetique of Nashville | Naturally Stellar

Today’s Her Business Spotlight is shining down on the co-owners of JazzyNash Mobile Shoetique.  Now, I actually had a chance to shoot a quick impromptu video of the inside of the mobile shoetique one night, while attending an event put on by The Blogger Girls of Nashville.  It was quite an experience! Check it out!


Inside JazzyNash Mobile Shoetique


JazzyNash Mobile Shoetique Owners - Nashville, Her Business Spotlight | Naturally Stellar

So ladies, introduce yourselves and tell us how long you’ve been in business?

We are Jasmine Darden and Samaki Nash, the co-owners of JazzyNash Mobile Shoetique.  We’ve been in business just shy of 2 years (June 2014)

What was it that inspired you or motivated you to start your business?

We both have a love for shoes and accessories (what girl doesn’t).  Ironically, I (Jasmine) was watching a reality show where a girl wanted to start a fashion truck business selling clothes and immediately I thought “wow, I could do that with shoes”.  I approached Samaki with the idea that was first met with a little hesitancy but after we did our research she was sold.  We’ve both been in corporate America since graduating college 14 years ago so having the opportunity to go into business for ourselves and with such a unique concept has definitely been rewarding.

What is it about JazzyNash, that you feel, sets you apart from your competition?

JazzyNash is a mobile shoe boutique, actually Nashville’s first mobile shoe boutique for women.  Our truck is set up just like a shoe store or shoe closet. Our shopping experience is unique in that we bring the boutique to you whether it’s your salon, favorite boutique or spa, local festivals or at a private shopping party that you host for you and your girlfriends.   We strive to offer a selection of shoes, unique accessories and shoe accessories that you can’t go pick up at your local department stores.

What do you feel are some of your biggest challenges as entrepreneurs?

The biggest challenge is we are mobile so we have to work hard to find places that will allow us to set up (park) that will also attract customers.  Even though there are fashion trucks that have come before us, this concept is still very new to Nashville and has been accepted a lot less than the booming food truck businesses here.

What piece of advice, that you wish someone had given to you, would you give to anyone looking to start their own business today?

More words of encouragement and prayer. [Some of our own advice] It won’t be easy. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Stay focused, determined, and humbled. If possible, get a mentor or someone whom has experience in the line of business you are trying to start. We did consultations during our planning phase that were extremely helpful.  Soak up as much knowledge from their experiences as possible.


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Ladies, I want to encourage you to check out this truck!  Get in it. Experience it. Bask in it.  It really is a glorious experience.  When I first heard that these ladies could bring the shoes to you, I was floored. You know one of those out-of-body experiences where your jaw drops and you can’t mouth the words, but you’re thinking them  “Did she just say she could bring shoes to me?” kind of experiences?  Yeah it was that.

But besides the great shoes, check this out.   JazzyNash is offering you, my Stars, an exclusive discount that you will not get anywhere else.

Enjoy 10% Off Your Purchase!

Shop and use Code: STELLAR at checkout or on the truck, mention the keyword: Naturally Stellar  

If you live outside of the Nashville area, you can still make your purchase online…the shipping rates are fantastic!

Keep grinding at those businesses Stars, try to stay motivated and lean on your support circles to get you through to your next phase…or simply through the day, if that’s what you need.  I’m rooting for you.  Until our next Her Business feature…Deuces!

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